Blogging from my new command center

Blogging From My New Command Center

blogging from my command center

Blogging from my new command center, I feel a bit like the Captain of the USS Enterprise. Beam me up, Scotty! With my new 42-inch monitor, I can view multiple screens open while I’m uploading photos, researching links, and writing — all at the same time. As if that isn’t enough, I also have my laptop on my desk, so I can also work on my email. Whoa, talk about multi-tasking! This is just so awesome.

Blogging at my new command center is just a part of what I can do using this 42 inch monitor. I can now write contracts, have MLS open, keep my eye on email, and watch our Sacramento real estate ads on social media. This not only saves time, it creates more efficiency in my task schedule. Thinking over each day, jotting down a few blog ideas, and taking photos of our daily work adventures, reminds me how much our team does as a collective, each day, for our clients.

My friend and partner, Elizabeth Weintraub, of Weintraub & Wallace Realtors, inspired me to blog. She has been encouraging me for over 10 years to write a daily blog. So, I owe her a huge shout out for helping to make this happen. Watching Elizabeth blog on her large screen monitor, was like watching a technology movie! She had so many screens opening, copy, paste, edit, upload, link, so I knew right then I need a new technology center. My old 20-inch monitor would just not do. This monster size monitor is so much fun to work on.

My friends, family, and our clients tell me they enjoy reading our blogs. I know the beauty of this first hand as I have read Elizabeth’s blogs for so many years. Reading them each day I felt more connected and current on what ever she was doing. So, Elizabeth, this blog is for you my friend. You have been an inspiration and your encouragement never wavered.

Blogging from my new command center has certainly enriched my work and my life. No matter how tired I am at the end of a 16-hour day, I’m totally inspired to write. If you want this kind of dedication and tireless effort to work on your behalf, call the top producers of the Weintraub & Wallace team today at (916) 233-6759.

–JaCi Wallace

Weintraub & Wallace

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