Is Smart Home Technology a Wise Investment?

Smart Home technology

Is smart home technology a wise investment? When you’re thinking of selling your Sacramento home, you may be wondering if adding a bit of smart home technology will make your home more desirable. Likewise, when you’re thinking of buying, you may be dreaming of the convenience it would bring.

What is smart home technology?

Many things, as it turns out. The most basic and most wanted features are whole house WiFi, wireless security systems, programmable thermostats, lighting control systems, wireless home audio systems, and multi-zone HVAC systems. read more

Should You Think Twice Before Leasing Solar Equipment?

Leasing Solar Equipment

Before leasing solar equipment, should you think twice? Do you plan to sell your home in the next several years? Then think twice before leasing solar equipment. Here in California, where the sun shines most of the time, it seems wise to take advantage of the sun to power the lights and systems in our homes. And of course, going solar is the “green” thing to do. However, before leasing solar equipment, read the lease terms carefully. In addition to looking at the monthly lease payment compare it to how much you would expect to save on your power bills. read more

Blogging From My New Command Center

blogging from my command center

Blogging from my new command center, I feel a bit like the Captain of the USS Enterprise. Beam me up, Scotty! With my new 42-inch monitor, I can view multiple screens open while I’m uploading photos, researching links, and writing — all at the same time. As if that isn’t enough, I also have my laptop on my desk, so I can also work on my email. Whoa, talk about multi-tasking! This is just so awesome.

Blogging at my new command center is just a part of what I can do using this 42 inch monitor. I can now write contracts, have MLS open, keep my eye on email, and watch our Sacramento real estate ads on social media. This not only saves time, it creates more efficiency in my task schedule. Thinking over each day, jotting down a few blog ideas, and taking photos of our daily work adventures, reminds me how much our team does as a collective, each day, for our clients. read more

Why Realtors Need to Be Found in the Top 10 Google Results

Way back when I moved to Sacramento to sell real estate, I was not found in the top 10 Google results. At that time, Google had only been around for a few years and still competed with Yahoo and other search engines. The internet was moving out of its infancy into main stream. Also, unlike many Realtors, I got my first dial-up baud modem in 1991, so that world was not frightening to me.

However, when I received an opportunity to write real estate articles for a well known internet company 13 years ago, I jumped at the chance. Didn’t matter that I had moved to Sacramento in 2002 and was starting from scratch again to build a real estate business. My real estate business ate up almost 100% of my time, but I still managed to set aside time to write 3 to 5 articles a week about home buying and home selling. read more

No HBO Go App for my LG OLED Smart TV

hbo go app on my LG OLED Smart TV

If somebody had told me I could not get the HBO Go app on my LG OLED Smart TV, I would have figured they were wrong. Blows my mind. The TV is only a year or so old. It was pretty expensive, as far as Smart TVs go. But the HBO Go app is definitely not offered in the premium apps in my LG Content tab. A search for it specifically turned up nothing.

Wouldn’t have even mattered but I found a movie I want to watch from reading the story about Laura Dern in Vanity Fair. Reminds me of when I was at the Apple store in Honolulu over New Year’s. It took so long to transfer my data from my old iPhone to my new iPhone XR that I had plenty of time to play with all the gizmos in the store. read more

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