Realtors Willing to Pay the Price Become Top Producers

top producers

Many top producers are always digitally connected to clients.

Top producers in Sacramento real estate generally get to that spot two different ways. Either they know a ton of people or they pay the price by working super hard. It could be a combination of those two things but usually it is not. We all know the guys whose lives are a continual party; who rarely return phone calls, seem to subsist on scotch and cashews, yet are rolling in the dough. It’s only human nature to want to gravitate toward that HGTV lifestyle. Who wants to work that hard?

There are always those handful of agents who mess up again and again yet continue to be top producers. They’re just lucky, I think, that the business that falls by the wayside due to their lack of attention doesn’t matter in their overall scheme of things because they can afford to lose clients. Their relationships shower business on them. Or, maybe it’s their charm that continues to open doors. I’ve been married to a few ex-husbands capable of that.

Many top producers work a system. When top producers find something that works, they rinse and repeat. When the fish are biting, they don’t move the boat. I’ll share with you that my system is very simple. Answer the phone, respond to email, reply to a text. Focus on doing what I say I will do.

But you pay a price to do that. It means being connected. I try to stay connected from 7 AM to 7 PM every day. Very few Realtors seem to do that, and I don’t know why. Well, I suppose they have family they pay attention to, hobbies they enjoy, and they probably do normal every-day things like preparing meals, cleaning the house, raising children, which I don’t have time for. Although my fabulous TC does those things, and she’s always available, so go figure.

My number one priority is my business. I gladly pay that price because the real estate business is rewarding and immensely fun. But it doesn’t mean I work in a vacuum or sit in the closet, because who sat in front row seats at the Crest Theatre last night with her husband when Timothy B. Schmit performed? The point is if you want to be part of the top producers in Sacramento real estate, then you’ve probably got to establish a system. That system for me is answer the phone, respond to email, reply to a text.

I found a way to make my lifestyle blend. Wherever I am, whatever I am doing, I communicate. A seller told me yesterday that she is not concerned if if I take off for Mexico to see the butterflies, because she knows I will stay in touch. You know the adage, if you want it done right, ask a busy agent. I tallied my production for 2016, and I still rank in the top 10 agents in Sacramento. Call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916.233.6759.


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