1102 dunbarton circle

Campus Commons Condo Just Closed Escrow at Full List Price

campus commons condo

1102 Dunbarton Circle closed escrow at $425,000.

My first blog about this Campus Commons condo published 5 weeks ago and now this beautiful Powell condo has closed escrow. When I shared the good news yesterday with the seller, she seemed very pleased. She said, “Well, you got us list price,” and she seemed a bit astonished that it happened. Maybe because at first she had suggested a price that was $25,000 less than my suggested list price. I take into consideration how much sellers want, but it’s not generally a factor for me when determining a listing price.

Now, I suppose it’s possible that she got a price of $400,000 from Zillow, which is always inaccurate. I use actual statistics and compare apples to apples, studying all of the interior photographs of comparable sales. My CMA preparations are intense and generally right on the nose. That’s because I promise my sellers we’ll leave no money on the table, and I mean it. I came up with an asking price of $425K.

When I met with the seller in September, we discussed the types of improvements she would make, such as painting a super bold wall, putting a frame around the mirrors to hide fading edges, replacing flooring on the second level, painting a chandelier (and yes, that gold tone is history!). Small improvements. We staged the home as well.

While other Campus Commons condos sit, this Campus Condo received a lot of traffic. Due to the beautiful photographs filled with emotion and passion. Sure enough, shortly after going on the market, we received our offer of $425,000! Everything was hunky dory and we were happily moving along to closing when BAM, the buyer fell out of the boat.

I was in Los Angeles that weekend to see Hamilton when the Request for Repair arrived in my email. It was 2 or 3 pages long, filled with just about every item on the home inspection. Did the buyer send this? Wondering, I called the buyer’s agent and sure enough, the buyer had indeed provided this list to her. The buyer also demanded that the seller replace all of the single pane windows with dual pane. What? So NOT gonna happen.

We prepared ourselves for the possibility the buyer would walk, and I’d have to sell the home twice and get paid once. Which occasionally happens. We offered the buyer a small token, agreeing to replace the bath and kitchen receptacles with GFI. Fortunately, the buyer’s agent kicked into high gear and persuaded her buyer to accept the token and to forget about her Request for Repair demand.

Crisis averted! Good thing the buyer’s agent pulled it off because it allowed us to close escrow yesterday! Everybody is happy now. This lucky buyer got possession of this Campus Commons condo just before Thanksgiving.

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