Sonic Highways and a Home in Tahoe Park For Sale

Living 1You might wonder what Dave Grohl’s Sonic Highways has in common with Sacramento real estate, but then you’re reading my blog so you know that it will become apparent to you. First, let me say that the show in Washington, D.C. brought a realization to mind that was a bit astonishing to me. We are all the sums of own reality, and for me, I can’t help but see portals everywhere because I do belong to a faction on Ingress, a game created by Google for your cellphone. And let me tell you, although it’s been a few years since I’ve been to Washington, D.C. lately, I am certain that it’s a mecca, a ginormous, huge honkin’ mecca for exploding portals, resonators and mods galore, within an 1/8 of an inch from each other.

The portals in Washington, D.C. are probably so inter-connected, cross-linked and fused in such a small space that your tiny little fingers are unlikely to even find them in the stringy blurriness of it all. It also makes me wonder how many portals are controlled by the Resistance and how many belong to the Enlightened, and the correlation between Republicans and Democrats. By simple logic, the Democrats would be blue, the Resistance, and Republicans, green, except that I’m betting no Republican wants to be associated with the word Enlightenment, so it’s probably the other way around.

We all draw conclusions from the world based our own experiences. If you never play Ingress, watching Dave Grohl’s Sonic Highways in Washington, D.C. would probably let you focus completely on the music. His concept is to travel the country and document how various regions, cities, influence the music from those areas, and to create new music while he is there. To absorb, inspire and generate based on his surroundings.

It’s the same in Sacramento real estate. The way I would handle listing a home in Antelope, for example, is completely different from the way I sell homes in Land Park. And each home I walk into has its own energy level, as foo-foo and odd as that might sound, which has nothing to do with the Foo in Foo Fighters. I listed yesterday a home in Tahoe Park. This home was built as a bungalow in 1916. It has character, arches, wood floors, large spaces, original light fixtures and many architectural details that take you back in time.

It’s a very happy house. It’s the kind of place that when a buyer walks up on the front porch, patiently waiting for her Sacramento REALTOR to get the key out of the lockbox, she will feel anticipation and excitement, perhaps fidgeting, and she might not know why. That feeling is generated because when she walks into the home, her first step into the living room, and her eyes fall upon the open space, all the way through the kitchen to the back yard, she will fall immediately in love with this home. I am hopeful my photographs and listing will convey this and help to motivate the buyer to call her agent and proclaim: I need to see the home at 4864 11th Avenue in Tahoe Park! On the market today at $249,000. Granny flat in back with separate utilities.

You can call the Elizabeth Weintraub Team, Lyon Real Estate, at 916.233.6759, for a private showing.

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