How to Change Your Email Frequency in Outlook

email frequency send and receive

There are many benefits to Sacramento Realtors to change your email frequency to send and receive.

My email frequency is based on my patience level. If you ask my Sacramento real estate clients how much patience I have as a Realtor, they will tell you I possess a never-ending abundance of patience. There is no drought in my patience level. If you ask my husband, on the other hand, he will stare at you with widened eyes and, being a smart guy, if I’m around, he won’t utter a word. He will just smile, but his bugged-out eyes give him away.

The main problem with emails on the iPhone is the minimum time to auto check email is every 15 minutes and, if you want to download emails faster than that, you’ll need to manually do it. Which is yet another reason why I continually charge my phone in the car when I’m on the road. Plus, Ingress eats up a lot of battery life, too. And THAT reminds me of another story you’ll enjoy, but I’ll get to that at the end.

My purpose of this blog today is to let Realtors and others know that they can change the email frequency that their email downloads if they are using an email client like Outlook. I also receive company mail through Google but, for efficiency reasons, I forward that mail so every email comes to my Outlook account. My email downloads every 2 minutes, making me constantly on top of what’s going on. Another benefit of the 2-minute download is the email doesn’t go to my iPhone first.

Not everybody else is on that kind of email frequency schedule, though. Because I’ll get an email from an agent asking a question, and I will answer her question and then, perhaps, in a separate email a minute later elaborate. Well, if that agent doesn’t have her email set up to download frequently, she won’t receive that second email for a while. Like maybe not until the following day, and then she’ll think it’s a duplicate and delete it by mistake.

If you’d like to receive your email more frequently, here is how you do it: Tools > Run Schedule > Edit Schedules and then double click on Send & Receive All. You will see a box to change the frequency to the number of minutes you would prefer. Of course, if you’re expecting an urgent email, you can click on the tool bar “send and receive all” until you’re blue in the face, and discover it’s like waiting for a pan of water on the stove to boil.

Oh, and the Ingress thing? I received an email from a woman who lives near Clear Lake, CA, and she asked, after reading one of my blogs, if she had a portal in her yard. That made me laugh. She does. I explained how to get rid of the portal or, if she prefers, she could instead periodically hack her portal all day long. Which is kinda like hitting that “send and receive all” because it doesn’t always work the way you want it to. You can burn out a portal. You’re better off changing the email frequency and being patient for a minute or two.

Eastern Star Hall in Midtown Sacramento Goes Up for Auction

eastern star hall midtown sacramentoThe more I talk with people, the more it becomes apparent that many are not cognizant of their surroundings. I might talk with a seller about homes in Elk Grove that I’ve sold which are located a few blocks away from their house, and they’ve never been down those streets. They’ve never even heard of some streets. I guess they don’t walk around their neighborhood or, if they do, one street must look like the other. It’s not just people who live in suburban areas, either.

I suspect it’s because people are too busy or don’t care to explore. If there is no reason to go over to some side street, why would you? Most people probably just drive to work in the morning and make a beeline back at night. Ask an Elk Grove Realtor, though, and she can tell you where the parks are located, which are “through streets” with a lot of traffic, and the distance from your potential home to Elk Grove schools.

I suppose those who are involved in community activities are very aware of which streets are in their neighborhood and what goes on, but still, I am constantly amazed when people don’t even know the name of the street behind their house. And, they don’t think it’s odd that they don’t know.

Some people who live in the city, like, say, in homes in Midtown Sacramento, for example, might not always pay attention, either. That’s one of the reasons this Midtown Realtor enjoys the cellphone game of Ingress. It points out works of art, historic buildings and other “portals” right under our noses in the midst of the city that we might otherwise pass by unnoticed. For example, I read in the Sacramento Bee today that the Eastern Star Hall is expected to show up in, listed at $750,000. I know exactly where it’s located because it’s an Ingress portal.

The Eastern Star Hall is a historic building built in 1928, located at 2719 K Street, right across the street from Sutter’s Fort (also a portal, several). It depicts 5 women with those darling bobbed cuts, doing daring things for the 1920s, like drive a car. It reminds me of my grandmother. I have a photograph of her from 1919 when she cut off her hair in defiance and took up smoking, just like the guys. She came to the United States from Hungary in 1899. Thoughts of my grandmother often cross my mind as I deploy mods and link portals at Eastern Star Hall.

It will be interesting to watch what happens to this building. My real estate office is located a block away on the corner of 28th and J Streets, and I drive by the Eastern Star Hall to hack the portal many times a week. I wonder about its fate, and whether others who live and work nearby notice it.

Sunday Afternoon at Golfland Sunsplash Roseville Brings Realtor to Ingress Level 10

playing mini golf in roseville, ca

Elizabeth Weintraub at Golfland Sunsplash Roseville

It never occurred to me to play miniature golf. My thoughts for spending a Sunday afternoon away from real estate, which I try to do every now and then, was adopting my friend Myrl Jeffcoat’s idea of driving to Columbia, just past Angels Camp. Figured we could combine that with stopping in Amador City for lunch at the Imperial Hotel. Columbia is not only a Gold Rush town in the Motherlode, but it’s also a historic California State Park. The park never closes because it’s a town, but the museum is closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas. The drawback is driving to Columbia involves a four-hour roundtrip from Sacramento, not counting a stop for lunch.

Instead, my husband offered an alternate idea, a different option that would allow him to get back home in time to start dinner, which was an afternoon at Golfland Sunsplash in Roseville. But first things first meant we still needed a destination for lunch. My husband found a Persian restaurant in Folsom, The Saffron Grill. A promotional card for the healthful benefits of this type of diet was stuck in-between the salt and pepper shakers on the table, and it described all sorts of gastronomical digestion delights that you don’t want to read just before lunch — some bodily functions are best left to the confines of the ladies’ room and could tend to dampen the appetite.

Filled with spicy chicken, hummus, and a sugary cucumber drink, we stood in the parking lot and captured a few more Ingress portals before heading off to Golfland Sunsplash. This is a huge complex off Interstate 80, near the Taylor exit in Roseville. I drive by this place all of the time, but usually I am more focused on my destination, which is typically selling homes in Roseville. It’s kind of hard to miss the waterslide park and castle, but I managed to do it. Agents are generally thinking about the task at hand and not hopping off the freeway to play.

It costs $18 for two adults to play 18 holes of mini-golf at Golfland Sunsplash. Fairly inexpensive for the amount of humongous fun. I started out doing really well, sinking the ball on 2 or 3 tries. So well that I was beginning to think I would win, and then I completely missed 2 holes. My husband beat the game by a score of 62 to my 59.

Although, that wasn’t so bad because when I glanced down at my phone just before we turned in our golf clubs, I noticed something unusual was happening in my Ingress game; I had captured a portal a few holes back. Sparkly stars! That capture instantly graduated me to Level 10. Eureka! This Realtor is no longer a lowly Level 9 in Ingress. Say hello to my new Level 10.

Losing a Wrapped Radiator Earring in Downtown Sacramento

Hiring a Sacramento RealtorThe thing about actively selling Sacramento real estate all day long and being engaged, on-call, on my toes, alert and ready for any crap that is thrown in my direction is the fact that I don’t have a lot of time to spend on any of my obsessions, like trying to find a replacement for the wrapped-radiator earring I lost downtown. Yesterday was extremely windy. I parked in front of the Memorial Auditorium, hacked that portal in Ingress, captured it, while I fumbled for quarters to feed the meter in the midst of super strong gusts that blew down 15th Street. My hair probably resembled an octopus, curls flying in all directions.

It wasn’t until I was sitting in de Vere’s Pub with my husband for lunch — which has pretty decent grub btw — that I noticed my wrapped-radiator earring was missing from my left ear. You’d think that my Bluetooth device, which I wear on that ear as well, would have hooked the earring or prevented it from flying away, but that’s what I get for not sticking the little plastic doohickeys on the backs of my earlobes for security. 100% my fault.

jewelry by McKenna Hallet

Wrapped-Radiator Earring by McKenna Hallet

The artist who created those earrings resides in Maui, and she doesn’t sell to the public. I met McKenna Hallett at the Four Seasons last summer when my friend and team member Barbara Dow grabbed a much needed getaway vacation. She makes low-impact jewelry, things made from stuff she finds around the island, and she doesn’t use electricity or precious resources other than a treadle-driven sewing machine or her own muscle power. Her mission statement seems to be: Wearable art made without burning fossil fuels from stuff I find.

As I stuffed quarters into the parking meter, my phone rang, which froze my Ingress screen. The caller was a bank negotiator advising that the bank decided to send a person from the investment team to personally tour one of my listings of homes in Elk Grove and assess the damage. Even though we had delivered photographs and a contractor’s bid. They want to figure out whether they’ll make more money from an REO or from a short sale. I hate to say in this case I’m guessing they’ll choose REO because the occupants make it difficult to show.

There are many portals on 15th Street, and they change from Enlightened to Resistance and from Resistance to Enlightened faster than a Sacramento Realtor can deploy resonators. My cell rang again, and this time it was Roof Doctors to say they cannot provide a roof certification on a pending escrow. I didn’t need to capture the Taco Truck portal anyway. I’ll deal with this disappointing news.

But I sure wish I could have found my missing wrapped radiator earring. Walking back to my car, I realized that it could have flown into the bushes or been stepped on, flung into the street and, even if I spotted it, I probably would not recognize it, since I had a good 5-block area where it could have vanished. The best thing to do is just replace it. Short of flying back to Maui, I tracked down the artist and she gave me an outlet that sells McKenna Hallet’s stuff. Of course, I have to call them, and all of my other business gets in the way of that because I only work on personal matters after my real estate activities finds a break. Some days, that’s never. C’est la vie.

Dim Sum, Oscars, and the Ingress Channel 10 Tower Portal in Sacramento

Shocking NewsFor all you of faction agents of Ingress out there, I can’t imagine there is a single one of you who watched The Oscars last night and did not notice the strong resemblance between the tall twirly things on the Dolby stage and resonators. Well, between that and all of the grumbling (OK, maybe that was just coming from my side of the sofa) about why they changed the name from the Academy Awards, which sounds so much more prestigious, to fit our stupid slang today; it’s beyond me. There was a strong similarity but not enough for copyright infringement with Google, I imagine.


Level 8 Resonator

Or, perhaps it was due to the lingering remains bouncing around in my head of our early morning jaunt after dim sum at New Canton. Gotta mention that it’s really difficult to nab a hot sesame ball after dim sum at that location because there doesn’t seem to be a big demand or by the time they get to us the sesame balls are cold. Instead, we walked over to that joint on the corner of 27th and Broadway, Dim Sum House, and I heard my husband say, One sesame ball, please. I was about to interject: Oh, let’s make it four, when I spotted the ginormous sesame ball. Size of a baseball.

I was still munching on that sesame ball by the time we arrived at Channel 10 studios at the other end of Broadway by 5th Street. You see, every time I come back to Sacramento from listing homes in West Sacramento or in Davis, I drive by the Channel 10 Tower which, believe it or not, is a portal in Ingress. The problem is you can’t get to it. My husband pulled up alongside Broadway in our incognito Prius, and I ran up the steps. I got to the very end of the breezeway entrance on the side, but still could not reach the Channel 10 Tower.

You don’t get very far on private property like this before a security guard pops up, and sure enough, I had my very own security guard questioning me. I suppose I looked a bit disshelved, in my Nitty Gritty Dirt Band t-shirt, boyfriend jeans, Chanel sandals and wild crazy hair flying in the breezeway as I tried to explain what I was doing there while pointing my cellphone as though perhaps I had hoped to connect with aliens. I tried to look as normal as I could under the circumstances: It’s a game that is played all over the world on cellphones in real time at real locations, and Channel 10 is one of them.

The portal for the Channel 10 Tower is technically not supposed to be a portal because a) it is private property (not art) and b) it is located on private property, and c) it is inaccessible to the public. Nevertheless, it didn’t stop us from blowing it up, but we weren’t close enough to deploy any resonators. The guard hollered at me: Are you the creator of this game?

On the way home, we discussed possible ways to get into Channel 10. We could go there to interview somebody. Nah. I suggested we dress as repairmen, maybe to repair the A/C. My husband launched into how he would address the attendant at the visitor booth. We have Zee App, he explained with a French accent, which is the portal photo of the Channel 10 Tower in Ingress that I showed the guard earlier as proof of my purpose. We are official because we have Zee App. See? We are here to fix that App. Yeah, I don’t think we’re getting into Channel 10. Now, maybe if I request a tour or say I want to shoot a photograph of the Channel 10 Tower? Repairmen, that’s still a possibility.

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