Why Sacramento Home Selling Odds Are In Your Favor This Winter

Real Estate Sold Insert over For Sale Sign and HouseWhen a seller in Tahoe Park called a few days ago to ask me to list her home, she was feeling a bit despondent because a few other agents she called (before me . . . darn it, why can’t I be first?) didn’t seem like they wanted to work so close to Thanksgiving. Or at least that was her perception of them. They allegedly told her this time of year was bad for sales and weren’t that motivated to meet with her.

I can’t explain other agent’s behavior or attitudes, and I don’t try. It’s really none of my business what they do except to the extent I appear by comparison and, quite frankly, I’d rather stand on my own accord. I do know that about 10% of the agents do 90% of the business, and I’m in that top percentile.

This is a slower market than the spring market but it doesn’t make it a “bad” market for Sacramento home selling. It makes it a different market, and we use different strategies. For one thing, if your home is a little bit difficult to sell, perhaps it’s a white elephant or it has other challenges, selling your home in the winter is a much better time than selling that type of home in the spring. Why?

Because in the spring, your home might be 1 out of 50 homes. In the fall, when inventory dwindles and sales soften, your home might be 1 out of 5 homes. Wouldn’t you rather have that home that is one out of five, that home that will be shown and used as a comparison against each other? The likelihood is your home will sell. Especially if out of the 5 it’s the nicest home available. Buyers who purchase a home in winter typically need to buy, so they are much more motivated to choose a home.

If you wait until spring, and your home is not the nicest home on the market, well, it could sit and the days on market could pile up while buyers choose homes other than yours. When it comes to Sacramento home selling in the winter, a seller is probably much better off being that one home out of five than that one home out of 50 in spring.  You can see the odds are in your favor this winter home selling season.

Call a Sacramento REALTOR who works the fall and winter market in Sacramento, Elizabeth Weintraub, 916.233.6759. Do you know when is the best time to sell a house?

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