Thoughts About Green Tree Short Sale Collections

bigstock_Underwater_Short_Sale_Words_On_13943735A Green Tree employee at that notorious debt collection agency offered a vile suggestion to a homeowner in Elk Grove. This homeowner is a single mother with financial struggles, like many other suddenly divorced underwater homeowners in Elk Grove. It’s tough enough to raise children on a dual income much less a single salary. When she tried to explain her budget woes to the debt collector, Green Tree said: You should feed your children macaroni and cheese.

Where do they come up with this stuff? I have to suspect that it’s not in the script because if Green Tree compiled a script — and I’m not saying whether management does or doesn’t as I have no idea, but you’ve got to think that it does hand employees a script of objections — that script would be much more nasty. I suspect the person who made that statement figures a Mac ‘n’ Cheese diet?is a viable solution because it would be a solution in his or her own circumstance.

That kind of thinking probably stems from the same sort of person who might think it’s OK to chain your children to a tree in the backyard when you go to work. Who needs to afford daycare when you’ve got a 50-feet elm out back?

Sometimes short sale sellers hear from Green Tree that if they don’t make a payment, that Green Tree will not approve their short sale. Which is not a true statement. It’s a lie. The short sale department and the collection department are separate.

Green Tree debt collectors are not that different from debt collectors who work at any other collection agency. They will still call a borrower at work and hound. They apply pressure. They aren’t always very nice. Maybe they feed their own children macaroni and cheese as a sole diet? How happy can they be with their own lives if they have to spend all day on the phone calling delinquent borrowers and trying to squeeze a payment out of them? What a horrible job for these poor souls.

What would happen if people refused to take jobs like that?

If you need to do a Green Tree short sale, I close my Green Tree short sales and can offer suggestions to help ease your transition from underwater borrower to free-and-clear relief. You can call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916.233.6759. It doesn’t cost anything to do a short sale, and I’ll never tell you to subsist on macaroni and cheese.

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