Professional Realtors Don’t Give Up on a Sacramento Seller

Professional Realtors

Professional Realtors in Sacramento stick with their sellers until the home sells.

When the seller of a unique home in Sacramento called this Realtor to inquire about whether I would list her home, she said it was already listed with a friend but not selling. Her friend had tried to sell her home for more than 140 days and could not do it, so he was giving up. Throwing in the towel. Abandoning her, in a sense, while encouraging her to make other arrangements such as renting the home or finding another Sacramento Realtor. I suspect he felt like he was disappointing his friend, but the fact is he probably should have never listed that home in the first place because he most likely was unqualified. Professional Realtors don’t give up.

I realize people hold the misperception that simply holding a real estate license means an agent is qualified and selling one or two homes a year is enough to gain experience when it is not. Agents are not supposed to list properties that they are unqualified to sell. For example, I would not list a shopping center complex because I am unqualified to handle that kind of transaction, and I don’t care how many zeroes are in that listing. If I were to attempt such a feat and any little thing went sideways, I could get sued for incompetence. I stick to what I know, residential real estate, and fall back on my decades in the business.

As such, I would never abandon a client who treats me well. If the client needs me, I am there for the client. I am committed and dedicated and loyal. I don’t care how long it takes to sell that home, I will stick with it until it is sold. Not every home is easy to sell. Some present unique challenges but it doesn’t mean they won’t sell. How do I know this? Well, due to 40-some years in the business, but also I represent the seller who obviously loved the home. If one person loved it, another person will too, I just need to find that buyer. Professional Realtors don’t give up.

This home in Sacramento was a bit of a challenge because the bedrooms were small, there were too many doors to the exterior for most parents’ tastes, the back yard was not private. The first thing we did was remove the fence from around the pool, which blocked the pool and made for terrible photos. Second thing, professional photography. Third thing, home staging. And then we held open that home almost every single Sunday for 4 solid months, until our buyer stopped by.

The buyer wrote a lowball offer, which was countered, and the buyer gave up. Went back to looking at other homes in the neighborhood and after a few weeks concluded this was definitely the best home. We went into escrow and closed yesterday without a hitch. It was a lot of extra work to sell this home, but the Elizabeth Weintraub Team did it. Professional Realtors don’t give up.

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