How To Have A New Smile In One Day

How To Have A New Smile In One Day

How to have a new smile in one day? Well, when we sell a house in Sacramento, the seller has a huge smile, but that’s not the smile I’m referring to. While watching a TV show on botched cosmetic surgery, I saw a segment on cosmetic dentistry. What was mind-blowing was a gentleman featured who had been through several dental surgeries gone wrong. One of several issues, his dental implants were not screwed into the bone; he sought answers in the UK.

The amazing surgeons, doctors Anthony and Michael Zabutz of the Smile In A Day Dental Centers, are brothers. They are located in Petersborough and Folkstone, UK. The first surgeon did the demolition of the patient’s existing teeth and the other installed the new teeth. In under 12 hours, this patient had a new smile in one day. It was amazing to watch. I can’t imagine what it costs, but the patient walked out with a new set of uppers and lowers set in permanently using titanium screws.

Pretty slick to have two brothers specializing in cosmetic dentistry to be able to accomplish all this one day. One of the surgeons was trained in the US. Dental procedures have come along way. I have talked to many people who have had dental implants, but it was a long and grueling process.

I googled this fantastic dental team. It appears they put in temporary teeth in one sitting and have the implants inserted into the bone and later screw in the final permanent implants in a second office visit. This show shared a pretty slick way to obtain answers as to how to have a new smile in one day.

As RE/MAX Realtors, we also work in numerous counties as our brokerage has 60 offices in the following California counties:

  1. Sacramento
  2. Placer
  3. Yolo
  4. Nevada
  5. Amador
  6. San Joaquin

If you are interested in more information, you can Google these dental surgeons in the UK. However, if you are in California and want to have a smile on your face because we just sold your home for an amazing price, call Weintraub & Wallace Realtors. We work with RE/MAX Gold in Sacramento, including Elk Grove and Wilton.

– JaCi Wallace

JaCi Wallace
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