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How To Have A New Smile In One Day

How To Have A New Smile In One Day

How to have a new smile in one day? Well, when we sell a house in Sacramento, the seller has a huge smile, but that’s not the smile I’m referring to. While watching a TV show on botched cosmetic surgery, I saw a segment on cosmetic dentistry. What was mind-blowing was a gentleman featured who had been through several dental surgeries gone wrong. One of several issues, his dental implants were not screwed into the bone; he sought answers in the UK.

The amazing surgeons, doctors Anthony and Michael Zabutz of the Smile In A Day Dental Centers, are brothers. They are located in Petersborough and Folkstone, UK. The first surgeon did the demolition of the patient’s existing teeth and the other installed the new teeth. In under 12 hours, this patient had a new smile in one day. It was amazing to watch. I can’t imagine what it costs, but the patient walked out with a new set of uppers and lowers set in permanently using titanium screws. read more

The X-Rays of Selling a Home in Sacramento

Sacramento-home-for-sale.300x225In between 3 real estate closings last week involving selling a home in Sacramento, I paid a visit to my dentist in Midtown, plus my specialist dentist who does implants in Elk Grove. The main problem I see with going to the dentist is their assistants tend to mess up my lip color, forcing me to carefully reapply, and sometimes they splash water on my face, resulting in splotchy blush patches. I would beg: the make-up, guys, be careful of the make-up, but in the overall scheme of things, the condition they leave my face is not as important as the stone carvings that inhabit the cavern beyond my lips.

My dentist in Midtown, I have discovered, is the same age as me. That news was a bit shocking because I’ve always figured he was much older; it’s in his demeanor, his walk, his way of clasping hands and communicating. It actually makes me feel better knowing how old he is because he probably won’t retire before me, so he’ll be around for a while. He’s the guy mentioned by the kid who wrote the book about lessons she learned (at the ripe old age of 8 or something) when she penned don’t bite the dentist.

I brought him my X-rays from the specialist dentist in Elk Grove. Explained how proud of his work that guy appeared. He told me so, said he had done a beautiful job. He also smiled when his assistant came into the room, saying: “Look at that sinus lift, who did that?” I respect and like veteran professionals who take pride in their work. It means the work still matters to them. It’s not just become routine. My Midtown dentist says I probably have a famous mouth, and that my Elk Grove dentist most likely takes those X-rays on the road to conventions and stuff.

Whenever a transaction closes, I often stop to contemplate and commiserate about the pros and cons, mostly elated that my clients are thrilled. No real estate transaction in Sacramento is routine. Each is special, unique and present their own particular set of circumstances. I feel a strong sense of duty to my clients, apart from the legal obligation, to do the best job and to exceed expectations.

I just wish I could take their X-rays of selling a home in Sacramento on the road. To show how my expertise and experience results in happier sellers who end up with more money and less stress than others, simply because they were smart enough to hire this Sacramento REALTOR.

Dental Implants and the Tug O’ War of Samsung vs iPhone

Pretty Young Girl Child Pulling Loose Tooth with PliersThere is hardly a person alive on the planet today who hasn’t at one time or another thought about teeth. Well, there was that guy in the 1930s, living in isolation on Floreana in the Galapagos who had purposely yanked out all of his teeth so he wouldn’t need dental care, but that seems to be a bit radical. My late father-in-law’s second wife had all of her teeth removed, and so did my great grandmother. Bone loss can be hereditary.

As we get older, we sometimes need to replace our teeth when we lose bone. I am beginning to feel like bionic woman. I’ve got Fort Knox living in my mouth and none of it is gold. I had two dental implants drilled into my jaw several years ago and thought was the end of it. But when I heard the news from my dentist the other day, I felt like I was walking by a metal detector and whammo, my face slammed up against the machine, dragging my body, immobilizing movement. Magnetized.

Except I read that titanium, the stuff dental implants are made from, is not magnetic. Yes, I looked it up because it was something I was concerned about. Thanks to Breaking Bad, I have developed an interest in chemistry. TI, that’s the symbol for titanium. Atomic #22.

There comes a point when you say to yourself, how much longer am I going to live? It is worth it to go through the enormous process of bone grafts, sinus lifts, appliances, healing, drilling, healing and crowns, all of which can take anywhere from 6 months to two years? Wikipedia says dental implants are good for only 30 years.

And then I look at my new Apple 5S cellphone. That which I’ve been resisting. I just made the switch yesterday from Samsung to Apple. My life is all things Apple and has been since I first went online in 1991. For years I had faithfully used a BlackBerry before I made the agonizing switch to an Android. My newest Samsung Galaxy was my sidekick for 2 years. It’s hard to let go. I know the iPhone will make my real estate business run much more smoothly because my laptop, desktop computer and iPad are synched to the Cloud. The switch makes sense.

Until I met with a client yesterday, and she pulled out her brand new Samsung, with that big screen, even bigger than my old Samsung screen. Incredibly easy to read. A thing of beauty. For a moment, just a moment, I felt a twinge of envy and sorrow over the death of my old cellphone. My client had just done the opposite, switched from an iPhone to the new Samsung.

Everybody makes different choices that are best for them, and all of those choices are right. So, I guess I am getting more implants.

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