January 2021 Sacramento Area Housing Market

December 2020 Sacramento Area Housing Market

January 2021 Sacramento Area Housing Market, written by Josh Amolsch, is an informative eye-opener, Enjoy–JaCi Wallace.

Sacramento is officially in the big leagues. We have now reached a median home price that is only a couple clicks down the recent Kiplinger’s list from New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose, and two or three other high-end but still fairly obscure cities. Maybe those cities were cow towns once before as well. A place only good for getting gas and asking the wife, “so where are we at again?”. Yes, Sacramento reached a new high in January, a month where prices typically go down, and inventory goes up. January 2021, and all the vicious action therewithin, birthed a $449,000 median home price for Sacramento County, an 18.2% increase from Jan 2020. Placer County shot up 17.8% from a year ago to $581,000. read more

Request An Appraisal Waiver When Purchasing A Home

Request An Appraisal Waiver When Purchasing A Home

Request an appraisal waiver when purchasing a home, can help you win in this competitive market. I was showing my sister homes and we had lost on a previous offer to cash. We found another property and they had to write an offer well over the list price. They called their lender to ask if the appraisal could be waived. We were not in contract yet. My sister was putting 20% down and having to make up the price difference between offer and list price. They called their lender and asked to run the automated loan approval with an appraisal waiver. read more

Shop for a Mortgage Without Hurting Your Credit

shopping for a mortgage

Shop for a mortgage without hurting your credit score is an interesting blog that is written by our preferred lender, Dan Tharp. Enjoy — JaCi Wallace.

Do you have to pull my credit? I don’t want you to hurt my score that I have worked so hard to maintain.”

Let’s set the record straight first, having a lender pull your credit for a mortgage will have little to no effect on your score, also called a FICO score. The bureaus are very clear – FICO scores ignore inquiries made in the 30 days prior to scoring. If your lender or multiple lenders pull your score within 30 days, the inquiries won’t affect your scores while you are rate shopping. read more

Living Large In An Italian Villa here On Indio Rd Southeast of Sacramento

Living Large In An Italian Villa here On Indio Rd Southeast of Sacramento

Living large in an Italian Villa here on Indio Rd southeast of Sacramento with wine grape vineyards and mature olive trees is truly paradise.

Live the gentleman farmer’s life! Vineyards, olive orchards, gardens of fresh vegetables, fruit & nut trees galore adorn this estate property. The grape vineyard produces several tons of grapes. The olive orchards yield a few hundred gallons of olive oil per seller; both are processed off-site.

This modern expansive Tuscan Farmhouse could be right out of Florence’s hills, surrounded by agriculture and pastoral views. With the exteriors freshly painted & an exquisite barrel tile roof surrounded by all your own acreage, the aerial views of this estate are magnificent! Warm, beautifully appointed interiors have modern to-the-minute finishes, including Lowen Windows & french doors, a chef”s kitchen, LUXE Master Suite, 2 en-suite guest rooms, a huge wine cellar, a game room & office. read more

Living Large In An Italian Villa here On Indio Rd Southeast of Sacramento

Why Don’t I Have the Best Rate?

Why Don't I Have the Best Rate?

Why don’t I have the best rate? An amazing blog below from our team preferred lender, Dan Tharp. Enjoy, a very good read. — JaCi Wallace

Without fail, the number one question I get from first-time callers looking to refinance or purchase a new home is “what’s your rate?” I used to stumble a bit when asked this question because there is so much involved in getting an accurate interest rate and one that I can’t answer in a 30-second conversation. I wish it were that easy. read more

Why Don’t I Have the Best Rate?
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