Title Held In Trusts And Divorce

Title Held In Trusts And Divorce

Dealing with title held in trusts and divorce is an interesting topic. When people get married, they often create a trust together. In general, they are each named as a trustee. When they buy a home, the title is often put into a trust. Unfortunately, in some cases, divorce happens. On this topic, I received a phone call from a referral source. He said he had met someone divorcing and they needed to sell their home.

Signing documents online is generally simple enough. This may not be possible in a divorce, especially if they are still living together in the property. When the clients can not agree, and I am in the room or on a conference call, sometimes I excuse myself. During the details of trusts and divorce when signing a listing agreement, with communications between the parties strained, I always say call your attorneys for legal advice. read more

Sacramento Labor Day 2019

Sacramento Labor Day 2019

Sacramento Labor Day 2019 is a day to celebrate the workers in America. This photo is a great representation of a variety of workers who might have Monday off.  If the photo included  a Sacramento Realtor with a set of keys, that could be fun, LOL.  Labor Day is a legally observed holiday in the US.

I guess the difference is we Realtors work on Monday as there are no paid holidays off in real estate. Today is a great day for Realtors to work as the banks, mortgage companies and title companies are closed on paid holidays. This means we can focus today on updating all our files, and speaking to clients will be more relaxed as the phones will be a little quieter today. read more

Sellers Paying To Sell A Home

Sellers paying to sell

This article about sellers paying to sell a home was written by Elizabeth previously. This was written was during a different market, of course, when sellers often owed more than a property was worth. This can still happen if a seller tries to sell too soon after a purchase with little to no equity.  It is a great piece on when sellers use their home as a piggy bank. — JaCi

I’m seeing more sales lately in which sellers are bringing in money to close. They are paying to sell. This might seem backwards to you because sellers are supposed to make money when they sell, but in down real estate markets, the seller might not have enough equity in the home to pay costs of sale and put money into the seller’s pocket. read more

International Dog Day is Celebrating Dogs

Dog Day Celebrating Dogs

International dog day is celebrating dogs. How do you celebrate your dogs? This day is about celebrating dogs and how they impact your life every day. Service dogs of course, risk their lives or work their hearts out to impact the peoples’ lives whom they serve.

It is also about doing what you can to help abused and or abandoned dogs. I have 7 dogs. Two of my dogs are German Shepherd guard dogs, 4 Schipperkes and one Terrier / Chihuahua mix rescue dog. These dogs provide me laughter, loyalty and companionship on a daily basis. I can’t put  into words the connection I have with dogs, it is beyond the realm of definitions. My spirit is so very happy when a dog is by my side. read more

Zillow Listing Tool, Love It or Leave It

Zillow listing tool

Zillow listing tool, love it or leave it? Love it or leave it is a TV show on whether to fix up your property and keep it or fix it up to sell and leave it. When looking to “leave it” you might be looking at homes to purchase as well as looking into what is the current value of your home is once fully remodeled?

The question here is when remodeling your home can Zillow’s artificial intelligence give you an accurate value on your fully remodeled home? The answer, probably not yet, but maybe someday. An automated value, the Market Analysis Zillow does is based on averages and mean values per a Sacramento appraiser. Remember the mean formulas from college statistics course? I took that course at Sac City College a long time ago, lol. read more

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