What You Might Not Know About Do Not Call Registration

do not call registration

Are all of your phone numbers registered on the do not call list? This was a blog written by Elizabeth many years ago. I wondered, how true is this today? It is absolutely very relevant today. You can click the link above in the first sentence and read the entire post. Yes, Zillow solicitors still call. Companies even pretend to be clients on Zillow to get through to us, and we agents pick up the phone as we think it is a new client.

So you know how much we love that.

— JaCi Wallace

There are many things I did not know about do not call registration. But I do know this: Talking on the phone is such an antiquated thing!

Yet, that doesn’t stop people from calling and leaving messages. Often, it’s spammers, advertisers and other types of people I don’t want to talk to. This is why I have my phone number registered at the Do Not Call List. I discovered something a few days ago that didn’t initially dawn on me. I run campaigns on Trulia and Zillow. When I get calls from Zillow, for example, my phone notifies me the caller is from Zillow. That’s because Trulia and Zillow use tracking phone numbers.

I get a lot of calls from Zillow, especially, who are telemarketers. Makes me wonder if Zillow is selling their list of real estate agents who advertise or if callers comb Zillow for those phone numbers. The only way to stop some of those calls is to register the tracking phone numbers on the Do Not Call List. And then report the callers. There is a reason for the Do Not Call registration. So, if you have other phone numbers out there, make sure you register them on the Do Not Call List. You can register 3 numbers at a time. If your phone number is on the Do Not Call Registry for 31 days, you can file a complain.

The team phone we call our batphone; many of the calls are spam. It complies with the Do Not Call registration. I block them, but they call back with another number. I constantly mark the callers as spam and use TrueCaller, too. Today we had a great call, it was a call for a listing referral. The motto is you have to kiss a lot of toads before a charming honest caller calls your number.

If you want your calls answered or returned, please call Weintraub & Wallace Realtors, with Re/MAX Gold. We can be reached at 916-233-6759.

Elizabeth Weintraub

Elizabeth Weintraub
Weintraub & Wallace
What You Might Not Know About Do Not Call Registration

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