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Four Seasons VS The Fairmont in Maui

Barbara four seasons loungeIt can be argued that the Four Seasons is better than The Fairmont due to the level of service provided by Four Seasons. If I were giving the two resorts star ratings, I’d give Four Seasons 5 stars and The Fairmont 4.5 stars because it doesn’t quite measure up to the ridiculous attention to detail standard offered by Four Seasons. The rooms are probably much bigger at The Fairmont (suites) but the service is remarkably different.

The guy at dinner last night said he had a request to chill each tomato slice individually on ice before serving a customer. My husband once offered a comparison that made me laugh so hard my guts ached. As though speaking to a waiter at The Fairmont when asked: “What do you need?” I need you to chew up my food and puke it into my mouth like you are feeding a baby bird. What? They would do it at Four Seasons, you know. Yup, it’s Four Seasons vs the Fairmont.

Except, I ordered a glass of champagne that did not arrive. Barbara did not receive her drink, either. But they did twice bring a salad that we expected to be served with our meal. They served steamed vegetables when I ordered roasted, and the roasted veggies were mushy. The waiter then topped off my glass of champagne, bought us a drink and sent over the manager to apologize. It’s not so much that a person can mess up, it’s how they fix the mess up.

Between Spagos and Duo, the service and the food was a notch higher at Spagos, we discovered. It’s such a big decision to decide where to dine. But we had no complaints about the skinny colada martini, rimmed with roasted coconut. We toasted our two closings yesterday. If you had to choose between the Four Seasons vs The Fairmont, you can’t go wrong with either one.

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