Sideways Breaking Waves on Ka’anapali Beach Shown in Photos

sideways breaking waves

Elizabeth Weintraub in a cabana on Ka’anapali Beach, waiting for sideways breaking waves.

Sideways breaking waves is a new phenomena to me. I first heard of it when I hopped the Maui Ferry to Lanai and visited Mike Carroll’s Art Gallery in Lanai City with Hella Rothwell earlier this week. We had the pleasure of meeting Kathy Carroll who is married to the owner artist. Kathy is also the founder of the Lanai Cat Sanctuary, one of Trip Advisors main attractions in Lanai. Nowadays, Kathy works mostly in the art gallery, which also supports local artists, and leaves the day-to-day operations of the Lanai Cat Sanctuary in other hands. read more

Post Card Perfect Ka’anapali Beach Walk to Royal Lahaina

Ka'anapai Beach Walk

Makai side of Ka’anapali Golf Course along Ka’anpali Beach Walk.

After studying the terrain around the Ka’anapali Beach Hotel, I decided to walk the other direction down the Ka’anapali Beach Walk to see how far I could get. It was unclear as to whether the beach walk connects to the Royal Lahaina from my hotel, so I pulled up the website and entered chat mode with a clerk at the Royal Lahaina.

I asked her if I could walk along the beach to get to the Royal Lahaina and how long would it take. She said we’re right next door to you at the Ka’anapali Beach Hotel. Look, I know you live here and everything, and you come to work every day so you can obviously your way around, and I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but you are NOT next door to the Ka’anapali Beach Hotel. read more

Maui Princess Sunset Dinner Cruise From Lahaina Entertains

sunset dinner cruise from lahaina

Lahaina harbor from the wharf, Lanai in the distance.

Imagine 80 of your closest friends with you on a sunset dinner cruise from Lahaina, and then be happy you’re by yourself and don’t know anybody onboard. There’s a lot to be said for taking a sunset dinner cruise without 80 of your closest friends. This way, you don’t have to pretend to be nice to anybody, and you aren’t required to engage on any level. You can simply enjoy the journey.

That’s not to say I would not have enjoyed having my husband next to me, but he would just get ticked off when I dragged him on the dance floor to snuggle during a romantic song because that sort of thing makes him uncomfortable. Especially if the song is cheesy and many romantic songs are cheesy, you gotta admit. Plus, he’s still at an age where he cares what other people think of him. Unlike me. read more

Maui Ferry to Lanai is an Escape to Paradise from Ka’anapali

Maui Ferry to Lanai

Elizabeth Weintraub and Hella Rothwell at Four Seasons Golf Course on Lanai

Taking the Maui Ferry to Lanai sounded on the surface like a good plan and a way to get back to the island of Lanai without having to spend a fortune to stay at the Four Seasons in Manele Bay. Rates have gone up a bit since the remodel, which was after my stay in December of 2014. But there is a limit to how much I will spend for a vacation from my vacation on Big Island, and 11 days at the Four Seasons wasn’t it.

The rates at this resort are comparable to the luxury hotels in Bora Bora. And the Spa at the Four Seasons Lanai was not really on par with what I had come to expect regarding spas, but I imagine all of that has improved since my last visit. read more

Maui Birds Found on Ka’anapali Beach

maui birds

Cattle egrets on Ka’anapali Beach are one of many Maui birds not native to the island.

This is one of those times that I wished I had brought my Canon with the attached zoom lens to shoot photos of birds. It’s really difficult to capture an image with an iPhone. I see Sacramento Realtors use their iPhones, for example, to shoot listing photos and it makes me want to scream. It’s  not that an iPhone can’t take a good photo, but it deprives those listing photos of depth, wide-angles and sparkle and light.

Sellers deserve better than that. Which is why even though I own a perfectly good high-end Nikon and can adequately shoot my own photos of my listings, I will still hire a professional photographer with HD capabilities and aerial to represent my sellers. read more

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