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Why You Want to Hire a Top Sacramento Agent

Elizabeth at MorimotoMy month of June closings for this top Sacramento agent were enormous and totaled more than $5 million for the past 30 days in the Sacramento region. Lest you think I sit around sipping champagne while cabana boys dangle grapes over my lips and fan me cool in our summer heat let me explain that it only happened once in Maui last month; I actually work very hard to accomplish feats like this. I don’t sell one or two homes a month, that’s not my method of operation. I don’t focus on only one area or one type of million-dollar seller. read more

Back from Maui and Aloha Time

Barbara Grand WaileaAt least I was wise enough to schedule my in-person appearances a day after my return from Maui Aloha time, because no sane person should stare at me at this point except for my husband. My hair is a wild mess, and my face looks like a pillow was glued to it. It is really difficult coming back to Sacramento after a long trip to the islands in the first place because you’re not only coming off Aloha time, like some long drug-induced trip, but the time change is enough to knock one off her feet. read more

Aloha Maui and Mahalo for My Summer Vacation

Running through wavesI know lots of successful people who never get away for a vacation, much less get to spend 10 days in the middle of the summer on Maui, and I am so incredibly grateful for the support of my team who allows this kind of escape. Sometimes luck is on your side. I can’t tell you anything of importance that happened, either. Because nothing happened. Except for the important part, the part where my friend and team member Barbara Dow and I have learned how to master the art of doing nothing. Aloha. It’s not easy. read more

Road to Hana from Wailea

Elizabeth on a RockWe thought we had the Road to Hana tour from our home base in Wailea all planned out. I set my alarm on the clock radio at The Fairmont Kea. I called for a wakeup call at 5:45, followed by a 2nd wakeup call 15 minutes later. All of this was in addition to relying on my internal clock to wake up by early enough, because the last thing we wanted to do was be late for our 6:45 meeting time scheduled by the Road to Hana tour people.

As luck would have it, we raced out of our top floor suite at 6:30 without any wakeup calls whatsoever, on top of which the alarm clock had malfunctioned. We made it halfway down the hall before Barbara figured out she had left her cellphone on the table. We dashed back to retrieve her cell and continued on our way halfway through the second wing before I realized I had forgotten the tickets for the tour. What a circus. See, there was a reason that we had given ourselves an extra 15 minutes of time to meet the deadline. That’s the kind of real estate agents we are — planners — always on time. Back to the room to retrieve the tickets. read more

The Road to Hana Beats Out Ziplining in Maui

Sunrise II Kea LaniNo trip to Maui appears complete unless you take the Road to Hana tour, with its 617 hairpin curves and 56 one-way bridges, which is our destination this morning. We had originally considered a Ziplining experience but that required a lot more energy than we seem to possess. Once you slow down in Maui, you slow waaaayyy down, so slow you almost crash and split your head open in the process. It’s amazing the fast pace at which we operate day-to-day in the wonderful world of Sacramento real estate. read more

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