Dr. Strange at Imax

Doctor Strange at IMAX Sacramento is a Strange Trip in Itself

Doctor Strange at IMAX

IMAX Theatre, located between 12th and 13th on K Street, offers 3D showing of Doctor Strange.

Besides catching Doctor Strange at IMAX Sacramento yesterday afternoon, Sundays, lately, are a good time for me to talk with sellers about listing their homes for sale. This is probably another way I have an edge over other Sacramento Realtors because I answer my cellphone everyday. I don’t rule out Sundays or turn off communications after 5 PM, like many other agents. Of course, it’s a little tough to talk in a dark theater, especially when you can’t even find your seat. Which meant any chatting about selling homes in Sacramento had to happen after the movie was over.

The last thing I want is to get tossed from the IMAX. I don’t mind getting thrown out of other places, but not IMAX.

Doctor Strange at Imax Theatre

Elizabeth Weintraub was not tall enough to get into the photo shoot at IMAX Theatre for Doctor Strange.

In the lobby of IMAX I discovered a photo machine. Nope, not one of those booths where you can shoot goofy photos in private and they later pop out in an embarrassing strip of 3 or 4 photos. Whatever happened to those things? Oh, yeah, right, cellphones. This was a promo thing designed to capture email addresses for marketing purposes but it would also shoot your picture in front of the Doctor Strange at IMAX promotional display. You can see I was a) not tall enough and b) consumed with controls and not looking into the camera.

doctor strange at imax Theatre

Lost fish heads on the sidewalk near the IMAX Theatre in Sacramento

At least I did not step on the big fat fish heads lying on the sidewalk on our way to the theater. Like a person next to you would warn, “Don’t step in the poop,” my husband yelled out for me to watch what I might stomp on if not careful or looking at the ground. Sure enough, some person had dropped 3 fish heads on the sidewalk. I’m fairly certain they did not fall outta the sky. Perhaps a person had planned on carting the heads home in a plastic bag to make fish stew, got into a scuffle on the sidewalk and dropped them? Oh, my gosh, hon, I was lucky to make it home, I thought they were gonna knife me, but bad news, I lost the fish. 

Although, as you can see from the photo, the heads were scattered a distance apart. I suppose a person could have been running. On the other hand, maybe the display was a statement, an art installation. What do fish heads have to say about Doctor Strange at IMAX? Sometimes it’s best not to overthink. That’s the thing about downtown Sacramento. Anything can happen.

We arrived at the theater with about 5 minutes to go to discover long lines at the popcorn counter. Lines so long that management set up crowd control aisles with dividers to direct traffic in a somewhat orderly fashion. You would think they could have hired more people behind the counter because it took us 25 minutes to get a couple of bags of popcorn and a diet Coke. This meant the previews had already started, and it was pitch black in the theater. Thank goodness for the flashlight on my cell, so we could discover somebody else sitting in our prepaid seats and make them move.

Now, not since Archie, I am not much of a comic book fan, oh, I guess they call those graphic novels today. But I do enjoy science fiction and I loved Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock Holmes. The action was fairly nonstop. Tilda Swinton, looking more alien-like than ever, played The Ancient One. Together they made skyscrapers melt like a real-life Gaudi, sidewalks roll, neighborhoods blow up and universes explode into magnificent kaleidoscopes; it was a wild acid trip, a great rollercoaster ride. Too bad the seats didn’t move. The Doctor Strange at IMAX experience was also 3D, so you were very close and personal with the activity.

doctor strange at Imax Theatre

Tribulation Trump card-toting guys doing the I-gotta-pee dance on L Street and 14th.

A person cannot think about selling homes in Sacramento when all of this is going on. It was a great 2-hour escape and mini-vacation from work. Afterward, heading toward the car, we passed the scene that my husband sees every day because his office is nearby. Right there on the corner of 14th and L Street were two ZZ Top guys holding signs, leaping from one foot to the other, alongside a boombox. One of the signs read Trump Tribulation. What does that mean? Maybe they weren’t so crazy after all if they knew enough to figure out that getting Trump elected would mean the beginning of the end of the world.

I would not stop to talk to them, though. I have no need to engage with people who stand on street corners and yell. I get enough of that from buyer’s agents. And that’s when my phone started to ring. Another seller in Sacramento needs a Realtor. Good timing!

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