Words That Rhyme With Trump and What They Mean

Donald Trump

I could not think of an appropriate caption for this horrible but accurate photo of Donald Trump

Even though the guy sometimes sells the licensing to use his name for certain development projects and hotels, if it says Trump on the building, a lot of people would simply prefer to stay somewhere else. Can’t say I blame them. This preference has nothing to do with construction, quality of work or amenities, it’s that so many people are repulsed by the vulgarity the name represents.

To better explain, let’s just look at words that rhyme with Trump and why they associate with Donald Trump so remarkably well. There are a plethora of words that rhyme with Trump, so many that I’m probably missing a few:

Bump: The result of being dropped on his head as a kid.

Clump: The rat’s nest attached to his head.

Chump: What regular people call his supporters.

Crump: An exploding sound that happens when he opens his mouth.

Dump: A Las Vegas Trump hotel.

Gump: Why Forrest is smarter than a Donald.

Hump: His euphemism for sex.

Jump: What Ivana wanted to do after the wedding but the window was locked.

Lump: What he does to all Mexicans.

Plump: Why working out doesn’t work for him.

Rump: Where a foot should be placed when showing him the door.

Slump: What will happen to the economy if he has his way.

Stump: The remains of our National Parks under his policy.

Sump: A low lying place where he sleeps.

Thump: The feeling on his back delivered by the G.O.P.

That’s all I have to say on words that rhyme with Trump this morning.

No, wait, there is more. Here is a link to a story with photos about the San Francisco Animal Shelter tempting people to adopt animals by taking photographs of them with a Trump Hairpiece on their heads. It’s called Trump Your Pet. And it’s working!

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