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My Dying Brother, Bruce Springsteen, Master’s Club

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Elizabeth Weintraub earned Master’s Club 2016 in February.

Two really good things happened on February 29th for me: first, my brother (who is dying from soft cell sarcoma) got to see Bruce Springsteen play at the Xcel Center in St. Paul, and the other is this Sacramento Realtor reached the pinnacle for Sacramento Master’s Club qualifications for 2016. Of the two, I’m more thrilled for my brother John. The Boss is his hero. Although he has made it to see the age of 62, he has never seen Bruce Springsteen perform in person, and he almost didn’t go. Jon Bream, the music critic in St. Paul, was very helpful to me and explained how to go about getting tickets for handicap access to the show. Thank you, Jon!

My sister Margie escorted my brother in his wheelchair. At one point, they encountered steps from the parking garage, and two passersby, without batting an eye, each grabbed a wheel of the chair and carried my brother down the steps. It’s nice to know that good Samaritans still exist in world that seems punctuated by such ugliness like Donald Trump. According to John Oliver, btw, his real family surname appears to be Drumpf. #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain.

You can see the photo of the show below, shot on my sister’s cellphone. My brother was very touched by the show. Springsteen talked to the audience, interacted, and played nonstop from 8 PM to 11:28 when my brother decided to leave because his energy level collapsed. He pooped out before The Boss. Bruce Springsteen continued on, so we don’t know how long the show actually lasted. I am so happy I could make it happen for him. There’s so little I can do from California, except call him every week, which I do.

bruce springsteen show

Bruce Springsteen show at Xcel Center in St. Paul, MN, Feb 29th, 2016

The 29th of February was also my qualifying day for Master’s Club through the Sacramento Association of Realtors. There have been years when I have qualified as early in the year as January, but it took an extra month this year. I think back to when I first earned Master’s Club, and it seemed like such a struggle all those years ago. To qualify now, an agent needs to have closed a minimum of eight homes with a combined dollar volume of four million. With the median price still under $300K in Sacramento, that can add up to a lot of sales to achieve that mark. But I finally crossed over that four million threshold on February 29th, which is fairly remarkable in such a low inventory market like Sacramento at the moment.

I am also an Outstanding Life Member of Master’s Club, having achieved that particular status through last year’s 2015 production. Nobody probably cares about this stuff except other agents. To my clients, though, it means they can expect excellence, coupled with decades of experience. If you’re looking for a Sacramento Realtor, please call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916.233.6759. Just don’t expect me to say anything nice about Donald Trump.

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