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Your Internet Expert for Sacramento Real Estate is Elizabeth Weintraub

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Hire a Sacramento Realtor With a Proven Track Record as an Internet Expert.

Way before the widespread popularity of the Internet, when the first personal computers were released into the business place at my then southern California real estate office in the 1980s, only office staff worked on computers. Computers were viewed as modern typewriters: solely for secretaries and receptionists to use. Real estate agents and company owners did not typically touch a computer. The only reason I bought a computer in 1988 was because I had created a side business called Pet Crisis Hotline, Inc. and needed to learn DOS (my Bible) and then Xtree.

I have always worked more than one job, it seems. Even now, while I routinely sell more homes than most real estate agents in Sacramento — even those who may advertise themselves as the #1 Sacramento Realtor when their production units do not come close to my whopping numbers of sales in units — I also work for writing articles for the web about home buying and selling. Can’t help myself. I have more energy, passion and drive than most. So, learning how to use a computer decades ago, both PC and Mac-based, was an early-on natural progression of business for this agent.

By extension, in 1991, I connected via a 900-baud modem to the online world, well, a bulletin board, and that was my humble beginnings to becoming an internet expert. I realize this experience has given me a definite advantage in Sacramento real estate and my personal rankings online. But it in no way makes me a search engine optimization specialist. I know what I know, and I don’t know what I don’t know. I don’t use tricks or magic to leverage my online exposure.

Being an internet expert changed my life. I met my husband online in 1996. He lived in Cincinnati, was working as a summer reporter for USA Today in Virginia, and we met via AOL. Three years later we married at a Chinese restaurant over dim sum. Today, there are millions of community forums and online networks where you can meet people. Further, I read an indepth and lengthy report yesterday on 2015 Internet Trends, released by KPCB. You can click on that link and download the PDF. Regarding marriage among millennials, for example, the report states about 26% of those in the 18- to 32-age group are married versus 65% in the same age group in 1960. Astounding for others, undoubtedly, is the number of people online in 1995 was a piddly 9% versus 84% in 2013.

That makes me a pioneer. Different from many other Sacramento Realtors.

I am comfortable online; I have been online for almost 25 years. As an internet expert, I specialize in online marketing of my listings. You can’t turn around with your mobile and not find my website nor my listings. I plaster my homes for sale in Sacramento everywhere online, and I promote, boost and build public awareness of my brand and my listings. To be successful today in Sacramento real estate, an agent needs this type of speciality, and an older agent should not ignore it just because it’s foreign or hard to understand. Blogging helps my business, too, which in turn benefits my sellers.

I established my mobile connection to the web a few years ago, way before Google implemented the change to give weight to websites that are mobile friendly. That’s why when buyers search for homes in Sacramento, they come to my website. Because my website showcases every MLS home for sale in 4 counties throughout the Sacramento Valley. Another interesting tidbit I leave you with today, guess which country carries the highest percentage of internet traffic on a mobile device?  The number one country for mobile internet usage is Nigeria, followed by India.

If you’re looking for an internet expert Sacramento Realtor, and you should be, please call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916.233.6759. I answer my cell.

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