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The Life Of an Elk Grove Realtor Without Sick Leave

sick leave

The life of an Elk Grove Realtor with the flu doesn’t include sick leave. The work has to be completed. People’s lives depend on their Realtor. The laptop has helped so much as we can at least be comfortable propped up with pillows. Many people in various professions who are sick still go to work as they need their paycheck. Many people do not have sick leave. Self-employed business owners work no matter what.

At least when I’m sick and working from home, I’m not having to go into the office to make others sick. My sick leave is staying home to work. Who knows if these bugs are contagious? Rest is important, so . . . a short and sweet blog tonight. Long days this week and several offers came in today on our listings. The life of an Elk Grove Realtor is busy and rewarding, even with the flu. read more

Closing Escrows In Rural Elk Grove, South County of Sacramento

Closing Escrows In Rural Elk Grove

Closing escrows in rural Elk Grove, the southern part of Sacramento County, is one of my favorite places for selling real estate. There are many aspects to rural sales such as there are several environmental issues to be aware of. Be aware of the utility easements for power. The fire department has access as well. There are some areas of flooding to be aware of. Lenders have federal requirements for flood insurance certificates. Of course, if you buy with cash no insurance is required, but use common sense as flooding repairs can be costly. read more

Sloughhouse Rd is a Stunning Place in Elk Grove

Sloughhouse Rd has a stunning Lake located in Elk Grove

This is a very special place where everyone that visits says 8109 Sloughhouse Rd is a stunning place in Elk Grove. Its history is a real-life love story. This lake is a symbol of that love. This short story below was told to me by someone who was there and knew these people well but I have not verified it.

There was a couple who were boyfriend and girlfriend for many years. She was a very bright woman who loved birds and orchids. She was a very active person, full of life. Her boyfriend was retired law enforcement whom I think must have had a heart the size of Texas. She had an accident which left her paralyzed. She sustained further injuries and had to be put on a respirator. Her boyfriend married her and they bought this ranch, 80 acres of paradise. He built her a house and created this lake. He dug out the dirt, planted the trees and plants, and he made the lake for her. It has a beautiful footbridge, a walking path, two islands, and a huge rock waterfall. This was important as it was what she would look at each day from her brick patio outside her room. She had to have 24-hour care. read more

Where Do You Find Listing Specialists in Sacramento?

call listing agents

Do you wonder if you deserve your own representation and where you can find listing specialists in Sacramento? Most agents who solely represent sellers are always ready to talk about selling a home, providing you can find such an agent. There are not very many listing specialists in Sacramento. For example, I can count the number on one hand, and I’m not so sure about the other four. I can only vouch for myself.

Most agents, if you don’t already know, try to work with both sellers and buyers. They probably don’t attract enough business to specialize. Some of those agents might call themselves listing specialists but they are not, not truly. I know this to be a fact because my outlook and business focus is so completely different from agents who represent both types, sellers and buyers, and even those who only represent buyers. read more

What Does it Cost Sellers to Close Escrow in Sacramento?

cost sellers to close escrow in Sacramento

Before listing, most people want to know how much it will cost sellers to close escrow. That’s a pretty loaded question because the largest expense is not always the commission. The way it works is you generally get what you pay for. If you want a top producer to focus on your home and maximize the profit potential, you will pay more in a commission, but you net more than the difference paid. For example, when top producers like myself charge 6%, we also pay attention to ways to reduce closing costs. On top of trying to attract multiple offers to increase the price. If we weren’t worth it, sellers would not pay it. They see the value. I show it to them.

So, actually the commission is not the biggest expense. The biggest expense is hiring a cheap agent who doesn’t know what he or she is doing. Or falling victim to the home inspections’ scam of a bloated request for repair. This is when the buyer bids over list price and then tries to grind down the seller after inspections reveal, guess what? That the house is like every other house of its vintage and has a few defects. Inexperienced agents can’t really explain repairs to buyers, and inexperienced listing agents are no better. Many just tell the seller to pay the buyer’s demands. That’s the extent of their so-called service, but that’s also why those listing agents don’t make the big bucks. Not like this elite club of top producers who get paid more because they are worth it.

Otherwise, to figure out how much it will cost sellers to close escrow in Sacramento, a seller would also need to add back all the money the seller didn’t lose after inspections. In addition to adding the higher list price because we grabbed a buyer from the Bay Area. Those sorts of specialities performed by top producers.

But an easier way to compute how much it may cost sellers to close escrow is to take the sales price times 7% and deduct that number. Then deduct the unpaid balance of your mortgage. What’s left is your net profit, assuming you have hired a top producer to list your home. If you haven’t, you can probably deduct another 5% to 10% for inexperience. If you have hired a top listing agent, then your net profit is 93% of the sales price, less your existing mortgage balance. My wacky way produces a result within $500 or so with this off-the-cuff method.

Of course, the sellers I work with get an estimated closing statement upon demand. But if you wanted to figure this on the fly, that’s how you do it. If sellers prefer a breakdown of itemized deductions, as a former escrow officer, I can certainly explain each item.

It reminds me of selling real estate in the 1970s. Yes, I am that old. I started in real estate when I was five, LOL. With seller financing — and I was a huge proponent of seller financing / creative financing back then — I often sold homes for a mere 7% down. Because that amount covered the seller’s closing costs and commission. Sellers carried owner financing for the balance. I can even see those days coming back.

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