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Exclusive Buyer’s Agent Josh Amolsch Arrives in Kona!

exclusive buyer's agent Josh AmolschWe’re so excited that our exclusive buyer’s agent Josh Amolsch arrived in Kona yesterday with the beautiful Vika! This is the first time that my husband and I have had the opportunity to welcome guests during our stay at our house in Hawaii. We tell all of our friends that they can come to visit us anytime but so far nobody has taken us up on that offer.

Of course, I have gone to Hawaii with exclusive buyer’s agent Barbara Dow in the past, but that was before we bought our house. Being with Barbara in Maui was a blast. One summer, Barbara and I spent 10 glorious days on the top floor of the Fairmont in Wailea on the lovely island of Maui. I will always treasure those memories and photos. See, the thing about the Elizabeth Weintraub Team is everybody is like family to me. We are not just real estate agents in Sacramento. We share common values and believe in always, without fail, doing the right thing.

For the clients who have been fortunate to work with our exclusive buyer’s agent Josh Amolsch, well, I hear over and over how grateful they felt working with Josh. He always goes that extra step. Each client is unique and special. Plus, Josh has an abundance of compassion for our clients. He loves to receive 5-star reviews from his buyers and works tirelessly toward that goal.

Sure, he might be a punk rock star at times, playing lead guitar at clubs about town in his spare time, but his heart is in real estate. Doesn’t matter if he’s selling million-dollar homes in El Dorado Hills or an investment property in Oak Park, I never tire of listening to his successes. His eyes light up when he talks about how much money he saved his buyers. He prides himself on his ability to negotiate, and we often discuss strategies together. He soaks up knowledge like a sponge.

If you’re looking for exclusive buyer’s agent Josh Amolsch and wondering why he doesn’t answer his phone at 8 AM, it’s because Hawaii does not adhere to daylight saving. We are three hours behind California. We are still working through the Labor Day weekend, even though we are all in Kona. More adventures are sure to follow.

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Reasons to Buy a Home in Curtis Park Neighborhood of Sacramento

buy a home in Curtis Park

The unique architecture of homes in Curtis Park will capture your heart.

Today my blog is a little bit different. I am featuring a member of the Elizabeth Weintraub Team, Exclusive Buyer’s Agent, Amy McMullan. In Amy’s first year of real estate, she sold 15 homes, if that gives you an idea of how well this super star adapted to the world of Sacramento real estate. Most agents in their first year are lucky to sell 2 or 3 homes, and some never ever sell more annually. Amy offers compassion, enthusiasm and a strong commitment to ensuring client satisfaction and happiness.

I asked Amy if she would like to write about her neighborhood and tell you in her own words why you might want to buy a home in Curtis Park and what she loves personally about her community:

Amy McMullan Explains Why You Should Buy a Home in Curtis Park

curtis park realtor

Amy McMullan, Exclusive Buyer’s Agent, Elizabeth Weintraub Team.

“Once you have lived in Curtis Park, you will find it hard to live anywhere else in Sacramento. Curtis Park is the neighborhood between Broadway (N), Sutterville Rd.(S), Franklin Blvd. (E) and the railroad tracks (W) within the 95818 zip code.

When I moved to Sacramento in 2004, I fell in love with Curtis Park. I did my best to bid on a few “fixers” in the area, but I was priced out and ended up settling for Midtown. After living in Midtown for over a year I got a call from my trusty agent, Elizabeth Weintraub, alerting me to a new listing on Portola Way. The house turned out to need a total remodel (down to the studs). I ended up buying it and completing a full remodel, which was worth every penny when the house appraised for much more than the purchase price plus remodel cost. After living in this home for years, I couldn’t believe how happy I felt enjoying the good life in Curtis Park.

The Curtis Park neighborhood is reminiscent of Marin County. The streets are lined with old growth trees, the park itself is lush and dramatic, and the neighbors are known for being progressive and open minded. This is not a place where most people buy their first home; the average selling price of a home in this area is $575,000. But it is a place of enchantment, where one can live in a distinctive yet mindful neighborhood nestled in the heart of the city. If you buy a home in Curtis Park, you might never leave.

This neighborhood is walking distance from Gunther’s Ice Cream, Pangea Bier Cafe, Café Dantorels, Curtis Park Market, Track 7 Brewing Company, Taylors Market and Taylor’s Kitchen, the delicious and seductive Freeport Bakery, and Chocolate Fish Coffee (coming soon). This neighborhood is also serviced by the 4th Ave / Wayne Hultgren light rail station on 21st and 4th  making this one of the easiest neighborhoods to safely and easily access public transit.

Curtis Park is one of the only neighborhoods in Sacramento with a dedicated arts and community center, the Sierra 2 Center at 2791 24th St. This vintage Mission style building is home to the Sierra Curtis Park Neighborhood Association and offers yoga classes, art and music classes for children and adults, activities for seniors, and hosts dozens of events and benefits throughout the year.

This building also houses the 24th Street Theater, hosting year-round concerts, dance performances, intimate musicals and plays. Neighbors who are in-the-know gather daily for an “unofficial” dog park in the expansive fields behind the Sierra 2 Center.

For the history buffs, Curtis Park was built on a 200-acre farm established in 1852. The neighborhood itself did not begin to take form until 1887. Because much of the subdivision development took place before significant dam infrastructure was complete in 1915, there are many high-water bungalow style homes in this neighborhood.

You can learn more about the history of Curtis Park in a splendid book titled, Sacramento’s Curtis Park by Dan Murphy, published by Arcadia Publishing. If you would like to know more reasons to buy a home in Curtis Park, please call Amy McMullan from the Elizabeth Weintraub Team at 916.737.6664.”

More photos of Curtis Park © Sacramento Realtor Amy McMullan:

buy a home in Curtis Park

Cafe Dantorels offers casual dining, take-out or delivery in Curtis Park.


buy a home in Curtis Park

Home in Curtis Park near the Park and Curtis Way.


buy a home in Curtis park

Sierra 2 Center and 24th Street Theatre showcases local and international talent.


buy a home in Curtis Park

Classic vintage home in Curtis Park boasts spring flowers.


buy a home in Curtis Park

William Curtis Park is 18.57 acres, 2 tennis courts, basketball, picnic grass and one-mile walking trail.


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