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Sacramento County Housing Report for January 2020

Sacramento County Housing Report for January 2020

The Sacramento County Housing Report for January 2020 includes Sacramento County single-family homes. No other criteria are included in this particular report so that we can get a broad understanding of what is happening in our area. If you want to get updates for a specific area, even down to a ZIP code or multiple ZIP codes, or multi-family properties or land, sign up for Sacramento Home Sale Reports by ZIP Code.  

One of the most important metrics in the Sacramento County Housing Report for January 2020 is that single-family homes are selling faster. The graph below shows 39 days is the average time on the market. Homes are selling close to the seller’s asking price. The green line below shows homes are selling at 98% of asking price, which is also higher than they were in January 2019. Are you writing offers? Are they in line with what sellers are asking?  read more

Sacramento County Housing Report for January 2020

Exclusive Buyer’s Agents and Pismo Beach

Pismo Beach

Exclusive Buyer’s agents and Pismo Beach, what do they have in common? Well for starters in this photo is our fabulous exclusive buyer’s agent, Josh Amolsch. Josh works with our buyers full time. He is always hunting for just the perfect home for our buyers, 7 days a week. Not only is he out in the field hunting up new business, additionally he calls his contacts and keeps in touch with his sphere of influence. He is committed to maintaining close relationships with his happy clients and providing ongoing quality support and service, long after the escrow closes. read more

Exclusive Buyer’s Agents and Pismo Beach

Five Smart Homebuying Tips for Our Fall Sacramento Market

homebuying tips

Are you looking for homebuying tips to buy a home in our fall Sacramento real estate market? As a potential home buyer, you are now in a wonderful position to buy a home. Some of you got too frustrated with the market and gave up. Maybe it’s time to give the market another look? Because our seller’s market is over. O.V.E.R. Except for a small handful of picture-perfect listings, you probably will not encounter multiple offers for a home you want to buy.

I could give you all the reasons why the market has changed, but not everyone is interested in how we got here or the stats. Most buyers just want to know what they need to do buy a home. They want to be aware of the types of benefits can get they out of today’s market.

Of course, if you are already working with the exclusive buyer’s agents on the Elizabeth Weintraub Team, then you’re covered. Your buyer’s agent is already informing you of the choices awaiting your decision. Here are my top 5  homebuying tips that you can confidently put to use when you’re ready to buy.

Homebuying Tips for Sacramento’s Fall Market

  • Price. Most listings will contain a bit of room for negotiation. It might not be necessary to offer list price for the home, unless you are madly in love with it. You can probably offer less and still buy the home. Ask your agent to show you comparable sales. This means considering homes in the same condition, square footage, location and comparing the pricing. Look at apples versus apples and not apples versus oranges.
  • Closing Costs. If you’re a first-time home buyer, you might be using every dime you have saved up to buy a home. With an FHA loan, your down payment can be 3.5% of the purchase price. We have conventional loans from 3% down. Does that leave you with enough money to pay closing costs? If not, don’t sweat it, as many sellers in this real estate market will agree to pay your closing costs for you, provided the sellers are content with the sales price offered.
  • Repairs and Updates. Believe it or not, sellers want to work with you. If the home has no AC, for example, the seller might be willing to install new AC for you. Don’t be put off by carpeting because you can generally work out a way for it to make it vanish. Ask your buyer’s agent for ideas and help. We had a seller recently agree to install new granite counters at closing. Sellers generally will not fix or repair every single defect from a home inspection. But a major repair will most likely get fixed.
  • Inspections. It is possible in our fall market that sellers might obtain inspections at their own expense. For example, it is more common now for the seller to pay for a pest report, and most buyers would ask for a completion certificate. This did not happen very often in a seller’s market but now that we are entering a more neutral market, sellers are more agreeable. They don’t want surprises that will blow up a transaction any more than you do.
  • Time of Year. With our increased inventory in Sacramento, home buyers have more options now than ever. If you don’t like a particular house, don’t buy it. There will be another right around the corner. As we move toward the holidays, prices will become softer. This is a much better time to buy a home than spring, when you compete with a larger group of buyers. You have little competition now.
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    Five Smart Homebuying Tips for Our Fall Sacramento Market

    Tips for Relocating to Sacramento and Buying a Home

    relocating to Sacramento

    Relocating to Sacramento is hard enough without worrying about your Realtor.

    If you’re thinking about relocating to Sacramento, you’ve definitely come to the right place. As a new buyer to the area, you owe it to yourself to find exclusive representation through a knowledgable agent. It’s a little bit harder than you would think to do it on your own. Further, there is no need to subject yourself to that kind of misery when you can align yourself with an expert for free. The problem is everybody and his uncle claims to be an expert in real estate. So, how can you tell if you’re talking with an agent who will make relocating to Sacramento easy and fun for you?

    For starters, listen to your gut instincts. If something makes you feel uneasy or uncomfortable, that could be a red flag. If you ask questions and receive no satisfactory answers, that’s also a red flag. Bottom line, you’re probably not buying a home in Sacramento unless you accept representation by an agent. Since you deserve the best (and I believe you do) then you should read on to find out what you can expect.

    I talk with a lot of buyers in the beginning stages of relocating to Sacramento. Generally it’s because they call on a specific home and my name pops up. My name pops up even though I might not be the listing agent. I enjoy extensive exposure online, pretty much unparalleled as compared to your average Sacramento Realtor. One fellow called and insisted on buying a home in a “safe” neighborhood. Even after I explained that agents cannot violate Fair Housing laws nor steer buyers. On top of which a safe neighborhood is a subjective term, he tried to rephrase it another way as in: “would you live in that neighborhood.”

    Jokingly, I told him not to ask a Realtor that question because agents will tell him every neighborhood is a good place to live. Because it is for somebody. And you’ll find some suburban people afraid to go Downtown Sacramento because they will run into homeless people. Yet Downtown and Midtown Sacramento are both super hot neighborhoods where people move into and don’t leave. Highly desirable, even with a rather visible homeless population. I referred him to the sacpd.org website where he can poke around on crime maps to his heart’s delight.

    Another relocation buyer today called about buying a home in Elk Grove. Her husband just got transferred here. I list a lot of homes in that neighborhood, so I know the builder’s reputation and the individual models. She had been working with an agent on the coast south of San Francisco and thought she should ask if that agent will work in Elk Grove. I told her that’s highly unlikely an agent would drive for three hours to work in a neighborhood she doesn’t know, through a Board she doesn’t belong to, because we would not compromise our integrity in that fashion.

    Little-known fact, if the Bay Area agent does not pay dues as a member of our MLS she has no commission protection. Further, the buyer deserves local representation. But she gets kudos for talking to her previous agent about it. Definitely. We value loyalty as well.

    The Elizabeth Weintraub Team works in a four-county area. We’re one of the few groups of buyer’s agents in Sacramento who possess intimate knowledge of many different areas. We are perfect to help those relocating to Sacramento. We can talk your head off about various neighborhoods, recite historic facts, accurately explain architectural styles, disclose unusual factors affecting the neighborhoods, and we are excellent negotiators.

    To get a feel for us and what we can do for you, call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916.233.6759. You can choose anybody, why not choose one of the time proven and trusted best? We are Sacramento’s relocation experts.

    Tips for Relocating to Sacramento and Buying a Home

    Reasons to Buy a Home in Curtis Park Neighborhood of Sacramento

    buy a home in Curtis Park

    The unique architecture of homes in Curtis Park will capture your heart.

    Today my blog is a little bit different. I am featuring a member of the Elizabeth Weintraub Team, Exclusive Buyer’s Agent, Amy McMullan. In Amy’s first year of real estate, she sold 15 homes, if that gives you an idea of how well this super star adapted to the world of Sacramento real estate. Most agents in their first year are lucky to sell 2 or 3 homes, and some never ever sell more annually. Amy offers compassion, enthusiasm and a strong commitment to ensuring client satisfaction and happiness.

    I asked Amy if she would like to write about her neighborhood and tell you in her own words why you might want to buy a home in Curtis Park and what she loves personally about her community:

    Amy McMullan Explains Why You Should Buy a Home in Curtis Park

    curtis park realtor

    Amy McMullan, Exclusive Buyer’s Agent, Elizabeth Weintraub Team.

    “Once you have lived in Curtis Park, you will find it hard to live anywhere else in Sacramento. Curtis Park is the neighborhood between Broadway (N), Sutterville Rd.(S), Franklin Blvd. (E) and the railroad tracks (W) within the 95818 zip code.

    When I moved to Sacramento in 2004, I fell in love with Curtis Park. I did my best to bid on a few “fixers” in the area, but I was priced out and ended up settling for Midtown. After living in Midtown for over a year I got a call from my trusty agent, Elizabeth Weintraub, alerting me to a new listing on Portola Way. The house turned out to need a total remodel (down to the studs). I ended up buying it and completing a full remodel, which was worth every penny when the house appraised for much more than the purchase price plus remodel cost. After living in this home for years, I couldn’t believe how happy I felt enjoying the good life in Curtis Park.

    The Curtis Park neighborhood is reminiscent of Marin County. The streets are lined with old growth trees, the park itself is lush and dramatic, and the neighbors are known for being progressive and open minded. This is not a place where most people buy their first home; the average selling price of a home in this area is $575,000. But it is a place of enchantment, where one can live in a distinctive yet mindful neighborhood nestled in the heart of the city. If you buy a home in Curtis Park, you might never leave.

    This neighborhood is walking distance from Gunther’s Ice Cream, Pangea Bier Cafe, Café Dantorels, Curtis Park Market, Track 7 Brewing Company, Taylors Market and Taylor’s Kitchen, the delicious and seductive Freeport Bakery, and Chocolate Fish Coffee (coming soon). This neighborhood is also serviced by the 4th Ave / Wayne Hultgren light rail station on 21st and 4th  making this one of the easiest neighborhoods to safely and easily access public transit.

    Curtis Park is one of the only neighborhoods in Sacramento with a dedicated arts and community center, the Sierra 2 Center at 2791 24th St. This vintage Mission style building is home to the Sierra Curtis Park Neighborhood Association and offers yoga classes, art and music classes for children and adults, activities for seniors, and hosts dozens of events and benefits throughout the year.

    This building also houses the 24th Street Theater, hosting year-round concerts, dance performances, intimate musicals and plays. Neighbors who are in-the-know gather daily for an “unofficial” dog park in the expansive fields behind the Sierra 2 Center.

    For the history buffs, Curtis Park was built on a 200-acre farm established in 1852. The neighborhood itself did not begin to take form until 1887. Because much of the subdivision development took place before significant dam infrastructure was complete in 1915, there are many high-water bungalow style homes in this neighborhood.

    You can learn more about the history of Curtis Park in a splendid book titled, Sacramento’s Curtis Park by Dan Murphy, published by Arcadia Publishing. If you would like to know more reasons to buy a home in Curtis Park, please call Amy McMullan from the Elizabeth Weintraub Team at 916.737.6664.”

    More photos of Curtis Park © Sacramento Realtor Amy McMullan:

    buy a home in Curtis Park

    Cafe Dantorels offers casual dining, take-out or delivery in Curtis Park.


    buy a home in Curtis Park

    Home in Curtis Park near the Park and Curtis Way.


    buy a home in Curtis park

    Sierra 2 Center and 24th Street Theatre showcases local and international talent.


    buy a home in Curtis Park

    Classic vintage home in Curtis Park boasts spring flowers.


    buy a home in Curtis Park

    William Curtis Park is 18.57 acres, 2 tennis courts, basketball, picnic grass and one-mile walking trail.


    Reasons to Buy a Home in Curtis Park Neighborhood of Sacramento

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