Photos of Sacramento Homes for Sale are Tricky in Rain

Sacramento homes for sale photographyShooting photographs in the rain of Sacramento homes for sale can be very tricky. Apart from my camera getting wet, which is never a good thing, I really don’t want raindrops in my photos or, heaven forbid, sheets of rain. There is hardly a week that goes by when I don’t need to take photos for a new listing. When we have rain every single day, I need to find those breaks in the clouds when I can run over and shoot more photographs with the sun out.

I tried to explain my professional standards regarding real estate photographs yesterday to a lawyer who kept insisting that my photographs of an old listing made the house look too appealing. The seller is suing his ex-wife for destroying his property. Although my agent visual inspection disclosed the defects, the photographs didn’t showcase it. No joke, why would any Sacramento REALTOR want to call attention to the drawbacks?

We want to get buyers into the house, not drive them away or give them an excuse to look at some other home. You ordinarily don’t buy a home in Sacramento if you don’t go inside. I’m not trying to sell the house online; I am trying to entice buyers to go see it. That’s the entire point of online photos of Sacramento homes for sale.

Of course, some buyers I hear print them out and hang those pictures on their ‘frig to daily admire the home during escrow. And sometimes sellers, for personal and sentimental reasons, want me to send them a CD of the photos at closing, which I do.

I care about how my photos appear, which is why I got into my car and raced over to Tahoe Park yesterday to shoot sunny photos of the exterior of a home coming on the market. They looked great on my viewing screen but when I uploaded and opened the photos to correct in Photoshop, I noticed the sun’s glare on my lens. I will go back. (Besides, it gives me an excuse to create more control mind fields along the way and blow up a few more Ingress portals. I got back Jamba Juice on Broadway yesterday after Blame Canada swiped it.) It was a good day for taking photos of Sacramento homes for sale, even though some of it was in the rain.




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