Rain in Sacramento Does Not Stop a REALTOR

Young Woman Using an Umbrella in RainEverybody knows we desperately need the rain in Sacramento, so even though the weather yesterday was dreadful, nobody really complained about it, much less this Sacramento REALTOR. We had so much rain we set a record at Executive Airport for the most rain in a calendar day at 2.2 inches. Flooded roads and sluggish freeways didn’t slow me down, though. That’s because I have driven through the Halloween Blizzard of 1991 in Minneapolis. I can drive through any storm. What’s a little rain?

My first stop was in North Highlands to exchange out a Supra lockbox for a contractor’s lockbox in hopes that the gas company will utilize it. That’s a big problem with putting rentals on the market after tenants vacate and the sellers live out-of-town. PG&E makes it very difficult to get the gas turned on. They somehow think a Sacramento REALTOR has so much time on her hands that she has nothing better to do than sit in a cold house without any furniture on a blustery rainy day and wait over a 4-hour time period for a representative from the gas company to pull up.

This is not cable hookup, people. We will do anything for cable TV.  We will prepare a chili casserole for the cable guy and throw in a case of beer. This is just a stinkin’ gas turn on.

My aching calves from that hike last week up to the Bald Mountain Summit made it difficult to walk up the steep driveway, and the wind was super strong, it almost ripped off my car door. The wet leaves on the way back down were so slippery that I had to engage other aching muscles to hold myself vertical and not go sliding down the hill from the rain in Sacramento.

My second stop was Cortopossi Tile in Rancho Cordova, where I selected Cararra marble for our Land Park bathroom remodel. Carrara is an affordable marble. The blue gray veins will accentuate the soft blue ceiling. Around the corner, I stopped at Dick’s Rancho Glass to get a quote on a mirror, and a tub / shower enclosure, when it suddenly dawned on me that a) they don’t make triple tracks for smaller doors, which is what we need as our tub is partially built into the wall, and b) I don’t really need to install shower doors if I buy an adjustable shower head.

Off to Heieck Plumbing Supply where I discovered that business no longer maintains a showroom. They thrust at me a couple of Kohler product books, without the four-color glossy photos. I was no longer their customer. They would sell to me but they prefer commercial customers now. I felt all hang-doggy as I stumbled out the door to Brothers Plumbing. The rain in Sacramento was coming down in sheets at that point.

Well, I hope to goodness that PG&E will turn on the gas today at this rental house and access my contractor’s lockbox to get inside. At least the sun is out at the moment. But we could use more rain.

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