Need a Land Park or East Sacramento Agent? Hire a Specialist!

In this day and age, you really need a specialist, especially when it comes to selling homes in the Land Park area or East Sacramento neighborhoods. These homes are not your grandmother’s home in Elk Grove or Lincoln. These central city neighborhoods are long established and the homes are as different from each other as New Orleans is from New York City. If you need a Land Park or East Sacramento agent, I am your specialist!

In fact, it’s kind of hard to do anything without a specialist on your side. Like last Friday when I pulled into my driveway in Land Park, I noticed check engine oil illuminated on my dashboard. It had actually been lit up for several days, and I kept hoping that it was just a freaky thing that would eventually stop. The worst that would happen, I figured, is my car would stop running, and I’d abandon it at the curb and grab a cab, eventually calling for a tow truck, but that was unlikely. The way they make these warning features, you’ve generally got a bit of time before all hell breaks loose.

But I’m also a person who gets crap done. I take charge. I don’t sit around in the dark weeping helplessly because my lights won’t go on. Nope, I flip the breaker switch, grab a screwdriver, take apart my light switch and replace it. At least those things haven’t changed much over the years. Unlike a car. I opened my front trunk and looked for the engine. It wasn’t there. No friggin’ engine. I’m not really sure where my engine is located, but I suspect it’s in the middle somewhere, somewhere I can’t get to. I found the windshield washing fluid and the brake fluid, but no oil.

At this point, my husband ventured out. We opened the back trunk and dug through my piles of lockboxes and sold sign riders. Hmmm. What is this? My husband turned a cap and hot pink fluid sizzled out, which he quickly recapped. Well, that wasn’t the oil. Good thing I had had the foresight to have handed him a rag beforehand. I finally resorted to reading the owner’s manual. Yes, when all else fails. Read the manual. Turns out a person can check her oil by turning the key in the ignition, letting the engine idle and pushing a lever near the dash.

I had too much oil, that was the problem, and I just had the oil changed in Midtown. But I also had taken it to the dealer after that for warranty work, and some well meaning yo-yo must have topped off the oil, which is the wrong thing to do for a high performance vehicle like this. The mechanic was probably unsupervised.

You’d think the dealer is a specialist but the dealer’s job is to sell cars. The service department is auxiliary. Even the manufacturer won’t let the dealer perform warranty work without specific permission. My maintenance specialist is located in Midtown, and he removed a quart of oil for me.

If you need a real estate agent to buy or sell homes in Land Park or East Sacramento, call Elizabeth Weintraub. I live in Land Park, and my office is located at the edge of Midtown where it meets homes in East Sacramento. I know these neighborhoods. I know other areas in Sacramento, too. If you’d like to talk, please feel free to call 916.233.6759 or email me. I just might work in your neighborhood. I sold more than 150 homes last year, exceeding $32 million. You can trust that I know what I’m doing.

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