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Affordable and New East Sacramento Listing at 5200 J Street

new east sacramento listing

This new East Sacramento listing is a beautifully built home, most likely constructed in the mid-1940s, says the seller. The public records show the age as 1950 but the seller says that is incorrect. It is very possible that his family is the original owners of this home. The public records also smaller square footage than the home appears, so it’s difficult to know whether it’s an accurate reflection of this home. It could be some other home.

We recognize East Sacramento for its vintage East Sacramento homes but you will find very few homes on the market today. read more

Should an East Sacramento Home Buyer Lowball if a Home Needs Work?

East Sacramento HomesIf a home for sale in East Sacramento needs work, does that mean a home buyer can or should offer less than the asking price? Imagine this scenario. A home buying couple has been out touring homes with her East Sacramento Realtor for several days. They had been looking at homes in East Sacramento both online and in person, trying to find the home that speaks the loudest and stirs up those emotional longings. Finally, they stumble upon a home with the right number of bedrooms and baths, the layout is perfect, and the location is highly desirable, but, alas, it’s not in the best condition. read more

Listings in East Sacramento and Glucose Curves for a Cat


Pica the Ocicat in 2013

For a federal holiday on Monday, President’s Day, the real estate business in Sacramento was pretty active. We enjoyed beautiful weather, which tends to put people in a good mood, so maybe many were out wandering about and noticing For Sale signs, hard to say. Some guy called, insisting that I have a listing in East Sacramento on T Street, and for the life of me I could not figure out what he was talking about. I felt like I was on Saturday Night Live’s Celebrity Jeopardy. What is the name of the street you are on? Doesn’t know. What is the cross street? Doesn’t know. What color is the house? Doesn’t know. Are you outside right now? read more

The Difference Between a Challenge and a PITA for a Sacramento REALTOR

Woman Holding Two HousesThere is a big difference between a challenge and a pain-in-the-ass (PITA) when it comes to Sacramento real estate for a REALTOR. A challenge presents obstacles that beg to be overcome and resolved, whereas a PITA just gets worse and nothing will fix those problems. It’s sometimes difficult to figure out which is which when they first appear in front of me. I like to try to help every buyer and seller who contact this Sacramento REALTOR. But when I start to question why-oh-why am I working on a house, that’s a definite clue that I should not. read more

Sacramento Spring Home Selling Starts in the Rain

Wicker patio chairs and table near garden after rainingOne of my Elk Grove sellers yesterday almost passed out when I called to say we had sold his home. I’m not joking. He could not believe it, and that’s putting it mildly. One day he’s a guy with a home in Elk Grove that is almost upside-down with a roof at the end of its life and the next day he’s slipping $50,000 into his pocket. I’m sure that’s the way it seemed to him. “Buttt,” he stuttered in disbelief, “We haven’t even been on the market for 2 weeks yet.” read more

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