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Elizabeth Weintraub Still Lyon Real Estate Top Producer Recipient

lyon real estate top producer

Top 1% at Lyon Real Estate, Elizabeth Weintraub is in front row wearing pink.

Holy cow, I can’t believe how busy I’ve been that I have spaced out making a formal announcement in my blog about two recognitions I received last week as a Lyon Real Estate top producer. The first recognition was for 15 years at Lyon Real Estate. This place is the longest I have worked anywhere in my life. No joke. I got my start in real estate as a title policy typist in 1974, so that gives me 44 years in this business. At the time, it was just a job to get me out of the mountains in Denver and back into civilization. read more

Why You Want to Hire a Top Sacramento Agent

Elizabeth at MorimotoMy month of June closings for this top Sacramento agent were enormous and totaled more than $5 million for the past 30 days in the Sacramento region. Lest you think I sit around sipping champagne while cabana boys dangle grapes over my lips and fan me cool in our summer heat let me explain that it only happened once in Maui last month; I actually work very hard to accomplish feats like this. I don’t sell one or two homes a month, that’s not my method of operation. I don’t focus on only one area or one type of million-dollar seller. read more

The Sacramento Bee Masters Club Edition Arrives

Sacramento-Bee-NewspapersThe Sacramento Bee Masters Club edition came out today, but I know this primarily because I belong to that old fart’s group of individuals who still pick up the newspaper off the front porch. Our Sac Bee home subscriber numbers are dwindling, and it’s kind of sad to me to see an old institution like our daily newspaper in print slowly lose its life.

Crap, it was sad for me to see Ladies’ Home Journal bite the dust for home subscribers, and I would never read that magazine even if I was bored to tears at my doctor’s office reception, sitting there without cellphone reception. Watching time-honored institutions die is like watching little bits of my flesh get chipped away by the hammer and chisel of technology. read more

Choosing a Sacramento Real Estate Agent in the Top 10%

agent in the top 10%My relationship with Google is that of love and hate. It’s a necessary evil. When Google says Do No Evil, I wonder why they don’t talk to themselves about it. Isn’t world domination in itself sort of an evil goal? Don’t they ever watch 007 movies? On the other hand, Google delivers my products and services to the world.

It’s difficult to put a real estate term into Google and not find one of my articles about real estate. Ditto for a real estate phrase. I continue to write because there is always something to write about, and Google loves me for it, even if the feeling isn’t exactly reciprocal. read more

The Guy Behind This Sacramento Real Estate Agent

Man Behind with Attractive Blonde in Front Holding Keys and Sold For Sale Sign Isolated on a White Background.People often ask me in amazement how I happen to have a life while being a successful Sacramento real estate agent. They want to know how I balance things because in this nutty world of real estate, sometimes, something’s gotta give. We real estate agents work wild hours trying to close business. Yet, those who know me, know I don’t want to give up anything that is important.

The first way I deal with the amount of business I create and close is to be organized. I’m pretty good at creating systems, methods and processes, plus I rarely vary or make exceptions. My priority is to keep my clients happy. I was thinking about this yesterday as I was getting ready to leap into my day and keep appointments, plus list two new homes. I listed a home in Antelope and another in Bridgeway Lakes in West Sacramento. read more

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