There is a Limit to How Much Help a Sacramento Real Estate Agent Can Give

Elizabeth Weintraub can help with relocation referrals.

Elizabeth Weintraub can help with relocation referrals.

If your home isn’t selling in Sacramento, call Elizabeth Weintraub, a top-producer Sacramento real estate agent, to fix it. She’ll know exactly what to do, what’s wrong with it and how to correctly price that home. That seems to the general consensus lately based on some of the phone calls I’ve received. While it is true, and I try to help everybody if I can, there are only so many hours in the day and, besides, let’s face it, if it’s not my listing, I don’t get paid for this assistance. I am not a nonprofit entity. Agents don’t work for free (unless they’re working on short sales in bankruptcy). If you’re not planning on canceling your listing, don’t call me. This agent cannot interfere in another agent’s listing. If you’re canceling your listing, though, that’s another story.

People call and say I found you online, and you seem to be so smart with great reviews, I need some help. Sure, flatter and then stab me in the heart when you say you’re working with another agent. I’ve asked sellers why they stay with an agent who is not producing results and whom they complain about, because I don’t understand that attitude. It sounds so defeatist. Maybe it’s like people who are attracted to torture and get off on it, what do you call those people, there’s a noun for that, oh, yeah, politicians.

Another agent in Sacramento asked yesterday if I would be willing to meet with him privately and advise on best real estate practices and marketing plans for his brokerage. Do I look like a representative at the Small Business Association? I am a hard-working real estate broker who sells real estate under the Lyon banner in a four-county area in Sacramento. I run a business. My own business. I have team members who support and work with me. My own clients to take care of and produce results for. Even if the agent was willing to pay me, I don’t work in the field of agent support.

This is what happens when a person gives advice on the internet. People tend to forget that you are a business entity who works 12 hours a day in her own business. That’s not to say I don’t answer a quick question here and there or that I wouldn’t help an agent if I could be of assistance, but that’s not really my job.

My job is to sell homes for my sellers and make sure home buyers get into a home. If you want to buy or sell a home in Sacramento, please call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916 233 6759. If you need a referral to an agent elsewhere, I’ll be happy to assist.

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