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Overview of Sacramento Housing Market for January 2018

Sacramento housing market for January 2018.

Sacramento housing market for January 2018.

January has barely left us, and the snapshot of the Sacramento housing market for January 2018 mirrors pretty much what I have been experiencing. Some of you know, of course, that I spent the months of December and January working from my house in Hawaii. Not on Hawaii real estate as some incorrectly assume. I am not licensed to sell real estate in Hawaii. No, no, no, I am a Sacramento Realtor, and I work on Sacramento real estate from our vacation house.

I do such a bang-up job of it that I placed as the #1 Agent at Lyon Real Estate for January, and I wasn’t even in town. To put this into perspective, we have around 1,000 agents at Lyon. read more

Overview: Sacramento Real Estate Market Report October 2017

sacramento real estate market report October 2017

County of Sacramento Real Estate Market Report October 2017

The Sacramento real estate market report October 2017 shows inventory declining and new listings falling but with a twist. Last month, pending sales spiked, despite the lower level of homes to buy. Like flying into Sacramento airport, we are beginning our seasonal descent. Is this a good time to buy, you might ask? Darn tootin’ it is. Because prices are not falling. Homes prices are rising. Our median sales price in Sacramento County is now $350K.

All across the board, pending sales are up. Below are the pending statistics for the Sacramento real estate market report October 2017 from Trendgraphix. read more

Elizabeth Weintraub’s Thoughts About Sacramento Real Estate in August

my thoughts about sacramento real estate

The Mushroom at William Land Park is actually a water feature.

My thoughts about the Sacramento real estate market are not necessarily everybody else’s opinion. While the market may be on fire in Sacramento real estate, it doesn’t mean that everybody is aware of what’s going on. In fact, unless you’re in the business or follow the real estate business with a burning passion, which are not equally exclusive, you might be astonished to know what really happens. The first thing I find that is a misperception among sellers, mostly, is they are underpricing their homes. They believe their homes are worth far less than their home’s actual value. I am constantly finding myself telling sellers that they can get more than they had hoped to receive. Reverse was true last year. read more

Market Charts From the #1 Agent at Lyon Real Estate for July

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15-month snapshot of housing market in Sacramento County as of July 2017.

While I did not expect to be named the #1 agent at Lyon Real Estate last month, it’s still gratifying to know the Elizabeth Weintraub Team is continuing to perform as a dominant force in the Sacramento housing market. I looked at the fact I spent a week visiting my sister in Minneapolis and a little over two weeks in Hawaii between June and July, but I never stop working regardless of where I may physically have been. That means the production we pumped out for July is pretty incredible, I suppose, given the circumstances. My team members were also visiting Europe, the East Coast and the Bay Area as well, so we all managed to get in a few trips while keeping track of Sacramento real estate. read more

There is a Buyer for Every Sacramento Home

Sacramento home buyerIn the mind of this Sacramento real estate agent, there are no bad homes to sell in Sacramento because there is a buyer for every Sacramento home. I have learned this the hard way over decades, and I’m sharing you the pain of wondering if your home will sell because it will. You just need the right buyer for it. There is a buyer for every home. Even homes that are in the wrong location or have some other sort of defect.

Now, an experienced real estate agent will figure out from the get-go who that buyer is and target that buyer. You don’t need 20 buyers for your home, and you don’t need 15 multiple offers. A seller needs that one buyer who wants the home and will close escrow at terms agreeable to both parties. It really is that simple. There is no need to complicate the situation. read more