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Successor Trustee Sellers Thrilled They Picked Right Agent

successor trustee sellers

These successor trustee sellers did not know which agent to hire but they knew they wanted an experienced Sacramento Realtor. So, they went to a referral service that refers top producers in exchange for a piece of the action from the agent. This particular company sends seller’s information to a bunch of top producers and they let the agents fight it out to get the business.

As a top listing agent in Sacramento, I charge more than just about any other agent, because I’ve never lowered my commission from 40 years ago. It’s been the same amount. However, I am also confident I am worth the standard commission rate and so are my clients. They know better than to shop for an agent based on commission. We all charge about the same anyway; and they wanted the very best. read more

Sacramento Housing Trends for September 2018: Twice the Homes

Sacramento Housing Trends for September 2018The biggest news to hit our Sacramento housing trends for September 2018 is increased inventory. Our inventory doubled this year. This is welcome news for home buyers, including sellers who plan to move up. For all practical purposes, our market inventory is still low enough to qualify for a seller’s market, even if the market is no longer fully cooperating with that notion. That’s because there are too many opposing forces to make our real estate market in Sacramento a true seller’s market.

Generally, in a true seller’s market, we have the following character attributes:

  • Single-digit days on market
  • Over list price offers
  • Multiple offers
  • No seller repairs or credits
  • Few price reductions
  • Rising prices

Except for highly desirable properties or under-market pricing, those characteristics are not really inherent in our present day Sacramento housing trends for September 2018. Our market is fairly stable and moving toward a buyer’s market.

Surprisingly, here are the characteristics inherent in our present Sacramento real estate market:

  • Longer days on market
  • Under list price offers
  • Single purchase offers
  • Seller credits and repairs
  • Many price reductions
  • Stable prices

However, it doesn’t mean the sky is falling or that the market is collapsing. Just means fewer closed sales, fewer pendings. For example, when I looked at my listing inventory, I have only one pending sale for this month. That is low for me. So I checked out the pending sales for a few other top producers, and we’re all pretty much the same. Some top producers show zero pending sales.  It’s unusual for me to enjoy any breathing room.

Sacramento Housing Report Trends for September 2018In our present Sacramento housing trends for September 2018, we’ve got sellers clamoring for information. Everybody wants to know what they can do differently to quickly move a property and few, really, want to lower their prices where they may need to be. Our median sales price in Sacramento County is $360,000, identical to last June. In contrast, our inventory has doubled from January of this year.

What does this mean? It means it’s an excellent time to buy a home in Sacramento. High inventory means more choices. More choices means better chances to negotiate benefits such as repairs or closing cost credits. Not to mention, buying this year means lower interest rates. Next year, buyers will pay more for financing. Call your Sacramento Realtor Elizabeth Weintraub at 916.233.6759 and put 40 years of experience to work for you.

Elizabeth Weintraub

Overview of Sacramento Housing Market for January 2018

Sacramento housing market for January 2018.

Sacramento housing market for January 2018.

January has barely left us, and the snapshot of the Sacramento housing market for January 2018 mirrors pretty much what I have been experiencing. Some of you know, of course, that I spent the months of December and January working from my house in Hawaii. Not on Hawaii real estate as some incorrectly assume. I am not licensed to sell real estate in Hawaii. No, no, no, I am a Sacramento Realtor, and I work on Sacramento real estate from our vacation house.

I do such a bang-up job of it that I placed as the #1 Agent at Lyon Real Estate for January, and I wasn’t even in town. To put this into perspective, we have around 1,000 agents at Lyon.

Our Sacramento housing market for January 2018 is still red hot. One of the ways I can tell is buyer’s agents are calling me to ask if I will share details of upcoming listings. Complete strangers out of the blue. Most of these agents I don’t even know, but they know who I am. They also know I answer my phone, and I’m always working. I tend to sell a couple of homes a week. And last week I completed 5 listing appointments. I have others in the pipeline waiting to go live in MLS. Buyers are out there.

I’ll put it to you this way. When I have a pending listing that is a bit difficult to sell and we also hold a back-up offer on that listing, it’s a hot market. It’s a hot market for sellers because, get this, we are still getting showings for that home. Why, you might task? Because that happens to be in the best interest of my sellers.

We had a slight uptick of inventory in the Sacramento housing market for January 2018 as compared to the same time last year. However, that surplus was wiped out almost double that amount by the pending sales. Our inventory for all residential properties in Sacramento County increased 9.4%; yet our pending sales in year-over-year comparisons jumped by 18.1%. The closed sales, which resulted from pending sales over November and December remained at seasonal numbers, about par.

If you’re wondering about the Sacramento housing market for January 2018 and whether this is a good time to sell, it doesn’t get much better than this. Well, it will be more frantic in April, I predict. But if you own a home that you want to sell which has any kind of drawback, put it on the market now! Today! Buyers will overlook bad locations, defects, even high prices . . .  if only, if only they could buy a home today.

Call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916.233.6759. Put 44 years of experience to work for you.

Sacramento Housing Market for January 2018

Used with permission from Trendgraphix, January 2018 Sacramento Housing Market Trends.

Overview: Sacramento Real Estate Market Report October 2017

sacramento real estate market report October 2017

County of Sacramento Real Estate Market Report October 2017

The Sacramento real estate market report October 2017 shows inventory declining and new listings falling but with a twist. Last month, pending sales spiked, despite the lower level of homes to buy. Like flying into Sacramento airport, we are beginning our seasonal descent. Is this a good time to buy, you might ask? Darn tootin’ it is. Because prices are not falling. Homes prices are rising. Our median sales price in Sacramento County is now $350K.

All across the board, pending sales are up. Below are the pending statistics for the Sacramento real estate market report October 2017 from Trendgraphix.

  • Pending sales are up 18.2% over September
  • Pending sales are up 14.7% over last year in October
  • Pending sales are up .4% over same quarter last year
  • Pending sales are up 3.1% the first few weeks of November vs October

In my own Sacramento real estate practice, I’ve encountered a big uptick of activity. I was so busy in October that I did not realize until the announcements were made by Lyon Real Estate how well this top listing agent and her team of 3 buyer’s agents performed. Lyon Real Estate ranked Elizabeth Weintraub in the top 3 agents for the month of October. In all of Sacramento County, year-to-date for number of homes sold, Weintraub ranks #3. We’re smokin’ hot at the moment.

The first couple weeks of November were relatively quiet and then all of a sudden, BAM. Offers began rolling in. I received 3 offers on one listing, 1, 2, 3, at or over list price, hot-to-trot buyers, fireworks going off. Then suddenly, spittooey. They all fizzled. Like the buyers slipped and fell into a bucket of ice cubes. Or, they woke up with a bad hangover. Before I had time to contemplate what happened, the volcanoes of Sacramento real estate market erupted again. As a result, last weekend I put 6 listings into escrow.

There are no dull moments in the Sacramento real estate market report October 2017. Buyers are clearly saying: hey, let’s close escrow before the end of the year! If you’re expecting to buy or sell a home, call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916.233.6759. We’ll get the job done. Put 43 years of experience to work for you.

Elizabeth Weintraub’s Thoughts About Sacramento Real Estate in August

my thoughts about sacramento real estate

The Mushroom at William Land Park is actually a water feature.

My thoughts about the Sacramento real estate market are not necessarily everybody else’s opinion. While the market may be on fire in Sacramento real estate, it doesn’t mean that everybody is aware of what’s going on. In fact, unless you’re in the business or follow the real estate business with a burning passion, which are not equally exclusive, you might be astonished to know what really happens. The first thing I find that is a misperception among sellers, mostly, is they are underpricing their homes. They believe their homes are worth far less than their home’s actual value. I am constantly finding myself telling sellers that they can get more than they had hoped to receive. Reverse was true last year.

Some find my thoughts about the Sacramento real estate market hard to swallow. I joke around and say: whatever you think your house was worth a few years ago, just add $100,000 to it. Not in all cases, of course, but in many I am right. Especially in the $299,000 range from 2011 to 2013. Many homes in the price range are now worth at least $399,000. The upper-end price points are fairing nicely as well, too, just less demand. Much of the pressure is on the entry-level homes.

Our median price point for Sacramento County is $355,000 for the month of July, but our days on market have dropped to 18 days. Median prices mean half have sold for more and half have sold for less. When I compare this to my own production, apart from matching almost exactly median prices, my listings are doing superbly better than that. Looking over the past 5 months, from March 15th to August 15th, I’ve sold my listings on average in 7 days, with many homes selling within 4 days. My average list-price-to-sales-price-ratio during that time period is 102%. From $347,945 to selling at $354,120. That means my sellers make on average 2% more, yet I charge the same commission I have always charged for the past 43 years.

Further, most of my listings sell without any repairs, renegotiations or buyer credits, which puts even more money into my seller’s pockets. That’s what sellers have come to expect. Although, I did have a seller ask me a few days ago why we did not hold an open house all day long. What? He could not believe it was only 2 hours. I had to explain 2 hours is the industry standard for an open house and during our Extravaganza, we do hold homes open for 3 hours one Sunday every month. But I want to keep him happy, so we’ll do a 4-hour open house for him.

One of my sellers contacted me yesterday to ask about selling a home in Elk Grove, and whether I could get it sold by September. Yes, I probably can. I know her home, as I had it listed 7 years ago before she decided not to sell. I thought, oh, I have photos for this, but I looked at the pictures. Wow. My standards have changed over the past 7 years. Can’t use those photos. I’d rather be found dead and naked in the streets than publish those photos. But I did get to share my thoughts about Sacramento real estate and my incredible news that I earned number one agent at Lyon Real Estate last month. The seller replied, “I knew I liked you for a reason.” Made my day!

Photo: The mushroom at William Land Park, Elizabeth Weintraub. Last Sunday was the first time I had ever seen water pour from it. This mushroom is also a portal in Ingress.


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