Why Not Call a Sacramento Listing Agent Before Writing an Offer?

Call Sacramento Real Estate Agent About Buying a HomeIt’s always a good idea for the buyer’s agent to call a Sacramento listing agent to talk about the home a buyer might want to purchase, but so few agents seem to call the listing agent. Some will send text messages but it’s so much better to just dial the darned phone. Especially for me because my phone is not always visible; it’s often on mute and I rely on my Bluetooth. Of course, some Sacramento real estate agents don’t answer the phone, I get it, and it can be very frustrating for a buyer’s agent to try to get a listing agent to respond, but they owe it to the buyer to try.

Because I’ll tell you what happens when they don’t. When they don’t, the Sacramento listing agent and the seller are left to their own devices and interpretation of that buyer, and it might not be pretty. I received a few offers from buyers that arrived out of left field over the weekend, no warning. Some without the proper documentation and some at such low prices the sellers thought the buyers were on crack. I encouraged them to issue a counter offer anyway, and to address all of the issues in the counter.

Low and behold, the buyers accepted that counter offer. So, you never know. One of the crucial elements left out of the original purchase offer was a one-line sentence in the purchase agreement that mentioned the sale was contingent on selling the buyer’s home without further explanation. There was no Contingency of Purchase addendum submitted. But when I questioned the agent, it turned out the buyer’s home was in escrow. That makes all the difference in the world. It was a huge turning point for the seller and moved the seller from no way in hell to where do I sign.

We need to get back to the day when an agent calls the Sacramento listing agent. Buyer’s agents can find out if the home is still available, whether there are counter offers in the works or other offers on the way, if there is some special consideration that needs attention in the contract. Moreover, it gives the buyer’s agent a chance to pitch the qualifications of the buyer, network a little with the listing agent, establish communication and set the stage for offer acceptance.

Whether I’m listing homes in Elk Grove or West Sacramento, soon as I spot a showing through my SUPRA lockbox, I shoot off an email to the buyer’s agent to see if I can help to answer questions. My hope is to open a line of dialogue before they write an offer and to give agents easy access to my email.

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