Agents Writing Offers That Don’t Cut The Mustard.

Agents writing offers

Agents writing offers that don’t cut the mustard seems to be the norm lately. What the buying public doesn’t know, all agents do not know what they are doing. Often when a buyer’s agent writes a very poor quality offer, the buyer thinks it is a good offer. She doesn’t understand when the offer is rejected. Why? Because her agent told her it was a great offer. When they lose, it is sour grapes. the listing agent is the scape-goat to blame. Listing Agent must have double-ended it? Not so. They had an agent friend who they let win? Not so. The simple truth, the buyer’s agent failed to write the highest and best offer.

How to write offers to win, is a skill learned over time by writing hundreds of offers. When an agent closes 100 buyer side escrows in Sacramento this proven results performance will give you, the buyer, confidence that the agent possesses the expertise and skill required. Our full-time Buyer’s Agents talk with buyers every day from our lead generation platform.

Stay tuned to part two of this discussion with our next blog. If you are searching for an agent who can write offers that win, call Weintraub and Wallace Realtors. We are partner powered by RE/MAX Gold, the largest independent Real Estate brokerage in Northern California. Contact Weintraub & Wallace Realtors today we write offers that do cut the mustard and we throw in a bag of chips. Call us at 916-233-6759.

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