Sacramento Home Buyers Need Agents to Represent Them

Without a doubt there are buyers who don’t realize that Sacramento home buyers need agents to represent them. I am not talking about going to a listing agent and requesting dual agency because, believe it or not, some listing agents will refuse to grant that request. It is also not in the buyer’s best interests. Sacramento home buyers need agents, meaning an exclusive buyer’s agent to guide and advise.

Oh, I know there are buyers who will immediately offer the extraordinary expertise they gained 5 years ago when they bought a home in another area. They learned so much in that one sole transaction, they don’t need any help whatsoever. Except they do.

Especially in today’s market place in Sacramento. We are transitioning to a buyer’s market. Months of inventory is only one factor to determine a buyer’s or seller’s market. I examine trends, which is easy for me to establish since I sell so many more homes than your average agent.

You may be astonished to learn that in this market, most of my listings initially receive lowball offers from home buyers. I’m not sure if the buyers simply refuse to listen to the agents they hired to represent them, or if they are disconnected from what is happening. Of course, sellers typically do not accept lowball offers, at least not on my watch. My listings tend to sell at list price or better, regardless.

I do not know what possesses buyers to think they should offer such embarrassingly low prices the first week on market. Some agents I hear just don’t have the energy to argue with their buyers or make them understand why that strategy backfires.

Even though Sacramento home buyers need agents to represent them, some act as though their agent works for somebody else. They don’t trust their agent to do a good job for them so they discount important information that could help them get into escrow. What I don’t understand is if they think their agent doesn’t know anything, why don’t they hire an agent with experience instead? Why do they stick with an agent with little knowledge who also annoys them?

Well, I suppose they could share a surname. That would be a reason.

Or, maybe they think their agent doesn’t realize what bad treatment they sometimes receive when they try to deliver facts. They know how badly they are treated by some buyers. Still, buyer’s agents tend to possess a strong desire to help.

Sadly, I imagine some buyers will simply never know how wonderful it can be to work with an advocate who tirelessly champions their best interests.

Elizabeth Weintraub

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