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Where to live, Roseville or Redondo Beach real estate? My good friend Melissa is selling her house in Roseville and looking for a house to buy in Redondo Beach. Going from her birthplace in Northern California to Southern California is a big move. People move for so many reasons. In this case, So Cal is where her adult sons live so it makes total sense for her to live in close proximity to family.

With the ocean breeze sailing through the air one has to wonder, what’s not to like? It is going to be a huge change but sounds like an exhilarating one. After retirement from a job, a moving to a beach town is what most people only dream about.

She is so excited; but what about the total sticker shock? Seeing housing prices ranging from $500 to $750 per square foot in the beach cities, is it worth it? The price you pay for perpetual 72-degree weather, ocean breeze blowing through your hair and beautiful white sand beaches to walk barefoot sounds like heaven to me.

There is little need for air conditioning in your home or in your car as the weather is so good. More than 70 percent of the homes built are constructed with no central AC. Utilities will not be as costly as Sacramento when we routinely experience July and August temps, which can reach 105+ degrees.

The first step for a Redondo move is to sell her home. In Roseville, she has a large two-story with a big back yard. This type of property could require a price tag in the multi-millions. So scaling down is a must for affordability. Most of the properties in the ocean city are townhomes ranging from 3 to 6 units in a row. Price tags upwards of $1,000,000. High-cost HOAs are common and most are built 3 stories high (3 staircases) to enjoy the ocean views.

Stay tuned because once she moves down there, she’s invited me to be her first house guest. The ocean is a great place for a Sacramento Realtor to visit, but I wouldn’t want to move for many reasons. “Home sweet home” means different things to people. Living in Roseville real estate or moving to Redondo Beach is an EZ choice for Melissa.

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— JaCi Wallace

JaCi Wallace
Weintraub & Wallace

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