Working With Tenants To Sell a Rental Home in Sacramento

Selling-rental-home-with-tenants.300x199Not every tenant ends up being a nightmare or terrible problem when selling a rental home in the Sacramento region. In fact, some tenants can be a huge blessing in disguise. I often prefer to have tenants in the home if at all possible for several reasons. First, I don’t worry nearly as much about vandalism when the when I’m selling a rental home is that occupied. Second, having furniture in the marketing photos makes the home seem more alive and it shows better.

Sure, you hear horror stories about tenants who refuse to move upon sale or those who believe the world revolves around them and the out-and-out jerks. These types can cause problems by lying about the condition of the home to prospective buyers, refusing to show the property at the times they promised and not picking up after themselves when buyers do come through. As a Sacramento real estate agent, I’ve dealt with uncooperative tenants of rental homes who bolted the door from the inside, turned the pit bulls loose and then slipped a note under the door threatening physical bodily harm if agents entered.

Fortunately, most of the tenants I work with are very accommodating. Part of that reason is because I treat them with respect. It might be my Sacramento listing and the seller’s property, but the house is the tenant’s home. I am grateful when a tenant grants me the privilege of entrance so I can take photographs of the interior, and I verbally share that sentiment. I say please and thank you. I acknowledge graciousness. And I go to great lengths to protect the tenant’s privacy.

See, I think when you deal with other people the way you would like to be treated, they generally respond in kind. If a real estate agent starts out on the wrong foot, making false assumptions and behaving as though she is at odds, on the opposite side of the fence, tenants might not want to cooperate. They might even retaliate.

I often ask sellers to give the tenants a small financial incentive to cooperate with showings. After all, what’s in it for the tenant? Tenants are generally inconvenienced, they don’t stand to make any profit when the home is sold, and let’s face it, some real estate agents can be very pushy. You know it and I know it. I try to save the tenants from that kind of obtrusive and sometimes abrasive invasion.

Just being nice to people can go a long ways. There is no reason, even in the face of adversity and unwarranted criticism, to act otherwise. If you want to sell a rental home in Sacramento, call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916.233.6759.

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