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Can a Con Artist Swindle a Buyer and Move Her Across State Lines?

swindle a buyer

Can a con artist swindle a buyer and move her across state lines? Yes, evidently. I previously met a buyer on Zillow. She was relocating from Texas to Sacramento. We talked for months before her visit. She said both she and her husband were moving here as she had family in the area. Her husband had inherited several million dollars from outside the USA from a deceased relative. He was about to retire as an engineer on an oil tanker job at sea.

She was interested in looking at homes for sale in Sacramento. Their attorney was finalizing the transfer of funds to the U.S. What a sweet person she was. She had retired a few years prior and said that her husband was much younger with a thick accent. He was raising two young children as his wife had tragically died young, leaving his kids motherless. read more

Just Another Week In The Life Of A Busy Sacramento Realtor

Busy Sacramento Realtor

Just another week in the life of a busy Sacramento Realtor. Can I tell you It has been a week from hell? From a broken computer, a broken color printer to a defunct camera and taking a bad fall, what a week. While attending a virtual tour shoot a few days ago, I fell off a concrete step. 

I was standing backward at the time, talking to my sellers and the photographer. While trying to move out of the photographer’s way, I was taking a step back. Next thing I knew, wham, down on the concrete I tumbled. My ankle rolled over onto its side. Next, my wrist hits the ground to try and break my fall. Finally, the weight of my body onto my wrist sends a jolt up to my shoulder, ouch. Falling downward, felt like slow motion cinematography. I’m thinking to myself, “yup, I just fell down. “ read more

TGIF – The Best Day To Search For Sacramento Open Houses

Search for Sacramento open houses

The best day to search for Sacramento open houses is to look online each Friday. Both buyers and Realtors look for advertised open houses on Friday, to be ready for the weekend Saturday and Sunday opens. A great idea on Friday is to plan your tour in advance, so you can see all the open houses each day. Pre-planning will save you time and you can enjoy lunch at your favorite restaurant. Of course, if you don’t plan ahead and prefer to drive around and look for open houses, which is always an option. read more

How to Make Millennial Home Buyers Love Your Home

millennial home buyers

In doing research about whether Millennial home buyers will buy more homes than Baby Boomers, I found an interesting article posted by Forbes. These numbers in the referenced paragraph below were a surprise to me, no doubt. I’m a believer in adapt to your circumstances and evolve with the times.

“Millennials will continue to make up the largest segment of buyers next year, accounting for 45% of mortgages, compared to 17% of Boomers and 37% of Gen Xers. While first-time buyers will struggle next year, older Millennial ‘move-up buyers’ will have more options in the mid-to upper-tier price point and will make up the majority of Millennials who close in 2019. read more

A Sacramento Seller’s Last Steps to Close Escrow

sacramento sellers last steps to close escrowWhen Sacramento sellers ask me about the last steps to close escrow, it’s handy to have content available I can forward. Instead,  I tend to prepare and address based on each individual situation. But like I tell my team members, any question a client could possibly ask is probably answered by me online either at The Balance homebuying or on my website. Just put my name and the question into Google, and you’ll find an article. Pretty much guaranteed.

What other Sacramento Realtor do you know who can say that? Rather than reinvent the wheel each time, it’s easier to just forward a link to my client. Because when you do the same thing over and over, that is a clue you should develop a system for handling that sort of task. For me, I am creating new content right now to describe a Sacramento seller’s last steps to close escrow. read more

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