Working as a Sacramento Agent on Aloha Time

HibiscusWorking in an Aloha state-of-mind should be recommended for all Sacramento real estate agents who are stressed out, overworked and exhausted, because it’s pretty much impossible to get all excited or worked up over normal day-to-day crap when you’re in Maui. I much prefer to be a Sacramento agent on Aloha time. Much of the time I do not let external factors bother me one way or the other because I am too busy to allot time to focus on minor irritations. Out of sight, out of mind, work on the next task at hand, is my motto.

There is always something new and exciting on the horizon. Just this morning, a red-crested cardinal landed on our balcony railing. I grabbed my cellphone to shoot a picture. Problem is with the ocean and palm trees behind the balcony, the cardinal was washed out. The picture didn’t turn out very well. But the cardinal will be back. We have another week here, and the odds are I will have another opportunity to catch the cardinal in a photo. Because I am a Sacramento agent on Aloha time in Maui.

Barbara says motivation is somewhat complicated for her. She knows, for example, that she needs to make what could be construed as an uncomfortable phone call to a guy she doesn’t really want to speak to, so she looks out at the ocean and temporarily spaces out making the call. But she is excellent at prioritizing tasks. Her list of people she needs to call is laid out in front of her, and her fingers finally whip across the face of her cellphone, and she does the deed. She is a Sacramento agent on Aloha time.

Because no matter what happens, she will work it out. If not right now, perhaps in an hour from now or maybe tomorrow. No big deal. We’re definitely working on Aloha time. Bring it on.

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