Why You Want to Work with the Elizabeth Weintraub Team

Josh Amolsch, Dianne Slutsky, Elizabeth Weintraub, Barbara Dow

Josh Amolsch, Dianne Slutsky, Elizabeth Weintraub, Barbara Dow

If you’re a potential seller in the Sacramento valley who is ready to hire a Sacramento Realtor as your listing agent, you might want to consider an agent like me who is the team leader, for lack of a better term, of the Elizabeth Weintraub Team. I suppose we could have named ourselves like a garage rock band but it seems easier just to use my name because it has become its own brand of sorts. And besides, who has the time to sort through all of those goofy-ass names? We’re too busy selling real estate.

The reason you might want to hire a person like me is because I will represent you. See, people don’t think about fiduciary relationships, or even care much what they mean until you stop to ponder it. Why shouldn’t you have your own Realtor who works only for you and doesn’t work for the buyer? It just makes sense, right? Why should you purposely pay a large percentage of your home’s market value to a listing agent to work against your interests? Of course, dual agency can exist in just about any transaction if two agents who work for the same broker end up with their clients in a contract, but dual representation is slightly different, which is not our focus.

As a listing agent, I focus solely on the seller. I wear blinders on the Elizabeth Weintraub Team. I’m not looking around at buyers who dangle double the commission in front of my face, and those guys know who they are. I’m working for the seller. My team members are working with buyers. They might be buyers for your home or they might be buyers for another home, but I focus on sellers. If the buyers are my former clients, I generally work alongside my team members to ensure the clients get the home they want, and I’m always available to my team members for consultations and brainstorming, should they need it. But they are extremely qualified and competent to start with, which is why I chose them. We watch out for each other and fill in when needed.

I love listing and selling homes. I excel at marketing, photography, home staging. I adore negotiations and finessing counter offers. Escorting buyers to look at homes, well, not so much. So I capitalize on my forte, on my strengths. All I do, just about every single day, is work on selling my listings. Tweaking, rearranging, networking.

It doesn’t cost anything extra to hire a Realtor who is a team leader of the Elizabeth Weintraub Team. Well all work for the same broker, like a small company within a larger company. I was first licensed in this business in the 1970s, and I have a background in title and am a former certified escrow officer. I almost went to law school, too, but then decided that career didn’t pay enough and would have interfered with my real estate business. There are only so many hours in the day, you know.

Some people think I’m sort of a doofus in the way I operate because I believe strongly in doing the very best job I can. They say: just take the job, sign that listing, and get on with it. But we all need to cling to something in this business, and I choose personal integrity. Doofus as that may sound to some, it probably doesn’t sound that way to you. You can call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916.233.6759. Even after all these years, I still answer my phone.

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