Weintraub & Wallace Received Top Producer Award April 2020

Josh Amolsch wrote a great blog below about doing your best work. Enjoy. — JaCi.

Weintraub & Wallace received Top Producer Award April 2020. In case you think whoop-dee-do, they always win awards, please consider this: Do you think Tom Brady gets bored winning Super Bowls? Look, I know that Tom has lost a couple as well and there will be comments on this blog about deflated footballs. The fact is, Tom Brady is an amazing athlete and leader. He earns his wins with every moment of his day, on and off the field. The way he eats, trains, studies, thinks. I personally don’t think he, or any top achiever in any other form of business, gets tired of reaching a pinnacle of success.

It is not uncommon for Weintraub & Wallace Realtors to achieve Top Producer. In fact, we garner that title several times a year culminating with the Chairman’s Club Award in 2019. But this year has been a bit different, just in case you are just now waking up or coming back to what we use to call civilization after a 4-month camping trip to the desert. Inventory has been up and down, pendings as well. Prices have been rising and showings of property have been complicated and even downright scary for some people. But , through the mess and height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Exclusive Buyer’s Agent, Josh Amolsch of Weintraub & Wallace, achieved Top Producer for April 2020.

Veteran agents all around the country will tell you that April 2020 was about the most difficult month they have experienced in their careers. But because of the tireless effort to be better, learn more, try new things and above all else, have a servant’s heart, we will always succeed. Weintraub & Wallace will always succeed because we have our clients’ best interest at heart. It is simply our passion and something we work at everyday. In these troubling times, we are seeing people band together even more in search of trust. Make building trust and selfless service your #1 and #2 life practices and you will have unbelievable success in life and business. 

Weintraub & Wallace achieved Top Producer award for April 2020 and will likely do it again because we offer every service a buyer or seller could ever want or need to successfully sell or purchase a home. Give a jingle to talk about your real estate dreams. Call us at 916-233-6759.

Josh Amolsch | Realtor

Josh Amolsch
Weintraub & Wallace

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