Websites that Match Top Ranked Agents in Sacramento

Rank-Real-Estate-AgentsWhen potential sellers and / or first-time home buyers in Sacramento set out to find a good match in a Sacramento real estate agent, they often turn to the internet and try to find a top ranked agent online. But then there are all those google ads and distractions, and property sites vying for eyeballs, it can be confusing. In the midst of all this are websites that offer to match sellers and buyers with top ranking real estate agents, and this is why I get a lot of emails and phone calls from these websites.

They call me because they pull insider MLS reports, which are not available to the public, and see that I sell hundreds of homes. I am a top ranked agent in Sacramento because I rank in the top 1%, which probably doesn’t mean much to most people and, if you want to know the truth, kinda freaks me out when I think about it. But it’s a reason those websites hunt me down because they know for a fact that no grass grows under my feet. I’m out there doing business, and I’m plenty busy. You know the adage, if you want something done right, ask a busy person, er agent.

Other agents get upset when these websites contact them, I hear. The critics say what the hey? Why should I pay a referral fee to some stupid website for referring business to me that they just scraped off the internet, like gum off the bottom of a shoe. I guess because you didn’t scrape that business off the internet yourself, would be my reply. I don’t turn down business that lands in my lap.

However, yesterday a really weird thing happened. A certain Top Ranked Agent website sent me a buyer lead for a buyer I’m already in escrow with! Whoa. It seems the buyer found me faster than that website did. I mean, she’s been in escrow with us for a week. Of course, now we have to ask her why she signed up on a website to find a buyer’s agent when she’s already in escrow.

But at least the buyer knows she came to the right place.

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