VA Buyers in Sacramento Can Come Over Here and Sit By Me

lying couple on grass and dream house collageIt seems like lately I have been closing more homes in Sacramento by selling to VA buyers. I doubt it’s because there are more VA buyers. I suspect it’s because there is such a prejudice in Sacramento and neighboring counties. Sellers don’t want to sell to VA buyers, and that’s a big problem.

It’s a problem because sellers do not understand and some agents do not understand, either. They hear the word VA loan and freak out. They wrongly believe that sellers will have to jump through a bunch of hoops, make a bazillion repairs and pay a lot of extra money to sell to a VA buyer and that’s baloney.

VA buyers are gold mines who do not deserve the reputation they get. It’s extremely unfair to paint VA buyers with such a broad brush and say they are uncreditworthy or that their offer should fall to the bottom of the offer pile. It’s shameful, that’s what that attitude is, shameful.

To qualify for a VA loan with no money down means that buyer has excellent credit, probably better than that 20% down conventional buyer who everybody seems to gravitate toward. If you’re trying to buy a home with a VA loan, give me a ring. I educate my sellers, and my sellers are eager to sell to you. You don’t have to write 12 offers to buy a home in Sacramento.

Come over here and sit by me, and we’ll get you into a home. Call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916 233 6759.

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