The Waiting Period for Multiple Offers in Sacramento

3-lockboxes-sacramento-300x225How many purchase offers does it take to sell a home in Sacramento these days? Maybe a better way to put it is how many days should a seller wait to accept an offer after receiving the first purchase offer?

An agent in San Jose called Thursday afternoon about a listing in Elk Grove that went on the market on Monday. I informed her the home was pending. Wha? She was shocked. She stuttered, “Bu bu bu but, it was ONLY three days — THREE days!!” What can I say? Indeed, some agents have been sleeping under a rock. Another agent called to say her clients had finally looked at the home Wednesday night and went home to sleep on it. When they woke up Thursday morning, they decided they would like to make an offer. Except now the home is pending. How is this my fault, I want to know?

If a person is seriously searching for a home to buy, that person receives listings directly from MLS through their Sacramento real estate agent, and they study those listings every single day. Buyers can opt to receive listings more often than once a day as well. Then, when they find a home, they need to be Johnny-on-the-Spot, run over, inspect and write.

The problem with most purchase offers is the offer itself is good for only 72 hours. So, if a seller receives an offer on Monday, to keep the offer alive, a seller needs to respond by Thursday, typically by 5 PM. Although, few homebuyers want to wait 3 whole days for an answer. It makes them antsy and agitated. I mean, what if it was you? Would you want to wait 3 days for an answer?

Usually the first day or two, offers come in from buyers who have not viewed the home. Many of these types of buyers are investors, with the bulk hailing from the Bay area. These people are hopeful that if they are the first offer, they will get the home, and that’s not really how it works. If the buyers haven’t seen the home, their offer does not hold as much validity as the offers that arrive on Day #3 and Day #4. After a while, all of the offers are about the same. There will most likely be a lot of cash offers.

Is it worth your time to write an offer on Day 4 when the seller has multiple offers? Depends. What do you have to offer that hasn’t already been offered? It should probably be cash or at least over 20% down conventional, in this market. Because the seller doesn’t really need 50 offers. The seller needs the offer that is the best and the offer that will work for the seller.

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