Choosing a Sacramento Real Estate Agent in the Top 10%

agent in the top 10%My relationship with Google is that of love and hate. It’s a necessary evil. When Google says Do No Evil, I wonder why they don’t talk to themselves about it. Isn’t world domination in itself sort of an evil goal? Don’t they ever watch 007 movies? On the other hand, Google delivers my products and services to the world.

It’s difficult to put a real estate term into Google and not find one of my articles about real estate. Ditto for a real estate phrase. I continue to write because there is always something to write about, and Google loves me for it, even if the feeling isn’t exactly reciprocal.

Many of my clients find me through Google. They land on my homepage, and when they get here, I want them to feel like I am person to them. Because I am a person. I’m not your cookie-cutter Sacramento real estate agent, either. I believe I’m different. I strive for quality and customer service. My title and escrow background is of an enormous benefit to my clients because I can provide an added benefit that almost no other agent can. Moreover, I offer strategy and analysis. You’ll be amazed at what I can tell you about a property just by looking at the public records.

When clients see all real estate agents as cut from the same mold and being identical, I think they should ask themselves what makes the Top 10% the Top 10%? And then choose an agent in the Top 10%. Because the Top 10% are the agents doing business hand-over-fist. The more experience your agent has acquired over the years, the better for you.

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