Another Amazing Bank of America Cooperative Short Sale

Cooperative-Short-Sale-300x240I closed another Bank of America cooperative short sale yesterday, this time in West Sacramento. The entire short sale was processed as smooth as silk. Our on market date to closing was fewer than 60 days, start to finish. This is because I prequalify my sellers whom I believe will be a good candidate for the Cooperative Short Sale. By the time we go on the market, we have the agreement in place to do a Cooperative and we have the preapproved price from Bank of America. Which in this case, was about $50,000 less than I anticipated.

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of rhyme nor reason to the valuations we receive from Bank of America. Most of the time, they are right on the nose, but sometimes the prices are too high and, every so often, they are a little too low. Even when they are low, though, it sets the stage for multiple offers, and multiple offers can push up that price.

When I sat at the dining room table with the sellers, I could see the little clouds of doubt lingering in their eyes. They were sharing with me their net worth and retirement plans, and I was explaining how Bank of America will most likely not request any financials, no tax returns, no bank statements; not even a hardship letter. It was clear that saying this was akin to telling them the Easter Bunny would hop into their yard in the early morning hours to hide Easter eggs. They nodded and looked thoughtful, but they had reservations, as any normal person would.

We went on the market, received several offers, and were in contract a few days later. The buyers absolutely loved the home. When Bank of America asked the sellers to submit a 4506T, that was the other shoe they had probably been waiting for to drop. But the 4506T was just a form, and whether the bank requested tax returns or didn’t, it had no bearing on the short sale.

The nicest part about the short sale is the fact the buyers gave the sellers permission to move at leisure, so there was no big rush at closing to get out. The sellers were able to stay current on their mortgage payments and were released from liability, plus the bank paid them a relocation incentive on top of an HIN incentive. Everybody got what they wanted, which makes for a very happy ending!

If you’re wondering whether you might qualify for a Cooperative Short Sale through Bank of America, call your Sacramento short sale agent, Elizabeth Weintraub, at 916 233 6759. I’ve closed many cooperative short sales; I know how everything works, and some sellers qualify for different types of programs. Don’t trust your future to some agent with an unproven track record. Get an expert.

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