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Is Your MetroList Rapattoni Client Portal Broken?

Latest NewsTech Support at Rapattoni report the Rapattoni client portal is broken and is not working correctly all over the country — not just in Sacramento. Listings vanish before our client’s eyes. That doesn’t make us feel any better to know we are not alone with a broken client portal. Not every real estate agent has a problem, either, with the client portal from Rapattoni; it’s sporadic. For example, this Sacramento real estate agent doesn’t have that problem. I set up client portals to test the issue and they worked for me, but one of my team members continually struggles. He’s a young, techie guy, too, just in case any readers are wondering about the ever-ubiquitous operator error.

We called MetroList, which didn’t seem to be aware of the problem until we talked with Rapattoni. The Support team at Rapattoni confirmed that client portals are not working for other real estate agents as well. It’s odd that it works for some and not all, but that seems to be the case. My team member was also able to show the Support employee at Rapattoni how to duplicate the issue of vanishing listings.

A broken client portal is very frustrating for our real estate clients. They don’t have the kind of patience that Rapattoni possesses. They want their client portals to work, and they want them to work today. There seems to be no definitive deadline as to when Rapattoni will fix the problem.

I can’t send clients to iHomefinder searches because those are broken now, too.

MetroList is a monopoly. We Sacramento real estate agents are forced to rely on and exclusively use MetroList. There is no other system we can use. It’s not like we can call up Apple and ask them to fix the Rapattoni problem. We can’t go to Google to complain. We’re pretty much stuck with it. And since it doesn’t seem to affect a large number of agents, our priority level is low.

But I’d still rather talk to MetroList than listen to a Sacramento home buyer rant and rave because he’s already bought a home and wants to know why my team members at Lyon Real Estate closed down his client portal access. Because, dude, you already bought a house, that’s why. You’re in escrow. Looking at homes to buy is over. Standard real estate practice 101. You want to screw around online, hang out on Zillow or Trulia and look at shit that’s not for sale. You’re not singled out.

And neither are we. We continue to wait week after week for Rapatonni to resolve the broken client portal issue. Until then, we will probably drive to your home to hand deliver listings if that’s what it takes. We go that extra mile. That’s just the kind of Sacramento real estate agents we are.

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