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The Best Sacramento Real Estate Agents Via Real Trends 2017

best sacramento real estate agents

Nobody really knows how Real Trends compiles its list of the best Sacramento real estate agents, but it seems to be divided into groups. Your lone agents and then your team of agents. It also seems to be divided into dollar volume and number of individual sales. But it is difficult to say where they extract that information from. If it is MLS, not every sale in MLS is closed out correctly. Assistants for the listing agents sometimes mess up how the data is entered or they credit the sale to the wrong associate. Sometimes, these people refuse to fix their mistakes. Legally, they really can’t just refuse, but some don’t care if they’re a dick. Those types of situations are not worth the effort to force them to comply.

In any case, Real Trends named the Elizabeth Weintraub Team to two different categories on their list for 2017 as best Sacramento real estate agents. Of course, Real Trends doesn’t know our stellar reputation in the community nor the 5-star Sacramento client reviews we receive. That company, strictly looking at statistics, says the Elizabeth Weintraub Team closed 97 sides last year and sold over $36 million. That’s almost two houses a week. When many agents sell two houses a year or so, our performance, as compared to others, is spectacular. But for us it’s just day-to-day routine business.

Sacramento real estate is our full-time passion and job. We love negotiating real estate, maximizing seller profit potential and finding our buyers that perfect dream home. When we do the same thing enough times, even though every situation is different, we gain a wealth of knowledge not available to agents who do not sell very many homes. As one of the best Sacramento real estate agents, we always put our client’s needs first, above our own. That’s really our secret for success.

Heads down, pedal to the metal and making miracles happen. That’s our work schedule. We often do what appears impossible to others. Thank you, Real Trends, for including the Elizabeth Weintraub Team in your list of Best Sacramento Real Estate Agents.

I only know this because my company, Lyon Real Estate, emailed me yesterday to congratulate the team on our achievement. You would think Real Trends would notify its winners, but I didn’t hear anything from them yet. Lyon Real Estate is always on top of what’s going on, though.

Elizabeth Weintraub

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