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Presenting a Sacramento Home in the Best Positive Light

presenting a house in the best positive lightEvery so often, I get an agent complaining that I am guilty of presenting a Sacramento home in the best positive light. They want to know about all the drawbacks and icky things about it. Some of them can’t even see the forest for the trees. They automatically call a house a dog or otherwise trash it because they feel it doesn’t measure up to their incredibly picky standards. Some say their buyers feel duped because I said the home was beautiful and the agent doesn’t think it’s beautiful.

You know what I say about that? I say they are probably those Sacramento real estate agents who drive around town like their kids live here. I hate that. You know what? Your kids don’t live in that neighborhood. In fact, our world is overpopulated as it is. What is wrong with you guys? Try to drive the speed limit, for crying out loud. There are those of us behind your vehicle who have to be somewhere on time. Ha! Go wear your helmets while riding a bike, why doncha?

Also, I say every home is beautiful. Just like every baby is beautiful, even the ugly fat babies. Show me a mother who thinks her kid is ugly. You can’t. No difference with buying a home. Every homeowner picked their home for one or more reasons. To that person, the home is beautiful. Our ultimate buyer will believe the home is beautiful, too. Have you ever heard a person say she hated her stinkin’ house but bought it anyway? Didn’t think so. Everybody knows their own poop doesn’t stink.

My job as a Sacramento listing agent is to find the buyer who loves the home I have to sell. It is presenting a Sacramento home in the best positive light. I can always find stunning features to describe, no matter how small or insignificant to a buyer’s agent. Further, I try to minimize any drawbacks or not-so-nice features. If I describe the home as beautiful, it is beautiful. Carole King would agree.

You betcha, spread the beauty around, is my motto. In fact, I bet you didn’t even know that the most effective word in a real estate description is the word beautiful. It makes my sellers happy because I acknowledge the positive features and admire their home. It makes buyers happy because I reaffirm what they already know. Presenting a Sacramento home in the best positive light is what marketing is about. There is no downside to this except the agents who persist in driving down a street like their kids live there and making the rest of us slow down for no good reason.

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