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The Upside When FHA Buyers Cancel the Escrow

cancel the escrow

FHA buyers who cancel escrow pave the way for the next FHA buyer.

It’s doubtful that most potential home buyers start out the home buying process by thinking they will become one of those freaked out FHA buyers who might cancel the escrow, but it can happen even in markets of tight inventory more often than you would imagine. There are many reasons, none particularly substantial from an experienced listing agent’s point of view. The reasons tend to range the gamut, from unsophisticated to twisted to incorrect analyzations, but whatever the reasons the decision is right for them. Buyer’s agents do their best to manage these events; however, they are not always successful.

You can’t change the mindset of stubbornness in some people. It’s a fine walk for buyer’s agents. On the one hand, they may instinctively realize the buyer is unreasonable but, if they agree, they lose the buyer. Sometimes they are afraid to point out: No, the seller will not rip off the two-year-old brown roof and replace it with your favorite color of black. In that instance, the buyer would probably feel alienated and jump ship. They often feel there is not enough real estate business to allow them the luxury of choosing their buyers, so they stick with whomever they get.

The thing is you can’t blame the buyer’s agents when FHA buyers cancel the escrow. Their agents are doing the best they can. You also really can’t blame the buyers, especially when they are first-time home buyers. It probably hasn’t sunk in that all homes have defects, nor that they might not buy a home now, especially if they try to force the seller to meet demands the next buyer won’t make. Or, that it could take them another year to find a home. We have such reduced inventory in the Sacramento area, so little for sale, and almost every cute home will receive more than one offer for it. With every rejected contract, though, they learn more about the market in Sacramento and what it will take to buy a home.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the sellers might be wary that the next buyer will cancel the escrow. But that is unlikely. The odds are most buyers who go into escrow manage to close escrow. Sometimes, sellers want to take an offer from a conventional buyer over that from an FHA buyer — OK, most of the time, they do. But in a situation where it was an FHA buyer who elected to cancel the escrow, the seller is actually in luck. Because FHA appraisals are assigned a case number, and when the home immediately resells to another FHA buyer, that same case number will be pulled.

I sold a home in Natomas last year this way. We did not want a conventional offer but accepted FHA for that reason. Agents could not understand, what? No conventional offers?

An FHA buyer who cancels escrow means there are no appraisal concerns for the next FHA buyer. The seller simply lost a couple of weeks of marketing time, but there are dozens of excited buyers right around the corner who would love to buy that home this spring. All the reports have been completed, too, so the seller is able to supply full disclosure prior to an offer. When an FHA buyer cancels the escrow, it’s a slight setback but odds are the next buyer will be stronger, better informed and more deserving in the seller’s eyes, especially when there are no concerns of a low appraisal.

Better yet, the market has gone up. If you’re thinking about selling a home in the Sacramento area, call Elizabeth Weintraub, 916.233.6759. Put 40 years of experience to work for you.

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