How Much Commission Does a Sacramento Real Estate Agent Charge?

Commission cons and signHow much is your commission? That’s not what I want to hear when I answer my phone. There is no, Hello, Elizabeth, how are you? None of that pleasantry. Not even an introduction, My name is David Stupido and I want to sell my house. Nope, some of these potential sellers act like they are calling Target to inquire about the price of milk in aisle 3. Except they would be more polite if they were calling Target.

You know who is to blame for this attitude? Not the public. The guilty culprits are real estate agents and our trade associations, including the newly formed Bureau of Real Estate in California. Everybody is so busy bending over backwards trying to protect the consumer by informing the consumer that commissions are negotiable, that it’s become too big of a deal. We have turned commissions into the center focus. When it is the sole identifier as to why a seller would pick an agent, we have a problem, Houston.

What is says about the real estate profession is that all agents are identical. We’re all the same. There is no difference among real estate agents.

All of which is completely untrue.

What a seller really needs to know is what will her real estate agent do for her? How will she market her home? What factors will she use to determine price? How can she be assured she will get the highest price she deserves to receive? How long has the agent been in business — does the agent have recommendations / reviews from satisfied clients?

A really good agent doesn’t cost a thing. A really good Sacramento real estate agent does such a superior job you would pay her more than the commission she charges. A difference of a point or two in commission doesn’t mean a thing when you’re taken to the cleaners by an agent who does a poor job. Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. If you want a discount agent, don’t call a full-service agent and expect full service. Even Target won’t give you a discount on milk.

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