Would Jon Snow Know Anything if He Sold Sacramento Real Estate?

winter is coming

The slogan if Jon Snow sold Sacramento Real Estate.

Before I talk about Sacramento real estate, I’ve got to point out I noticed that John Oliver meets Snowden is a high trending item online today, although, that was so Last Week Tonight ago, and while an intriguing, amusing and informative segment, it was not half the hilarious sentiment carried forth when Jon Snow meets Seth Meyers at a dinner party in Manhattan.

Not that I stay up late to watch TV, but thank goodness for technology and the main reason why I do not know when anything actually airs on television anymore. My husband handles the delicate balancing of TIVO, Netflix streaming and DVDs to the point where I don’t know half the time if what I’m watching on our big screen TV is this week or last year’s programming.

Even though I used to own a 19-inch television (set, as they were once called, a television SET, even though it was only one box).

Yes, sirree, in fact I started watching TV way back before stereo sound was invented, and we had to use rabbit ears to get reception, plus actually lift our butts up off the floor to change the channel on the TV, of which there were only 4 to choose among. Being the pioneer television watcher that I am, you’d think I might know all about television because of my vast experience. Although, like I mentioned the other day, I am vastly proud of my ability to turn on my television, connect to the thingie on the left or the other thingie on the right to either watch TV or a DVD. Not every pioneer TV viewer can do that.

This is very similar to some sellers who have friends who used to be in real estate or sell real estate in some other city and try to tell me that they know all about Sacramento real estate and our real estate market. Just because a person has a real estate license does not mean that person should be selling real estate, that’s the first problem. They make it too danged easy to get a real estate license, and the scary truth is an extremely large percentage of agents with a license have little idea what they’re doing. Obtaining a license doesn’t teach a person how to use it.

Second, you’ve got to be in the real estate business, working in the metro area where the real estate is located to have an opinion worth measuring and, even so, that opinion could be completely offset / skewed by a myriad of factors. Third, everybody works differently. You’ll rarely find two agents who do the same thing the same way. Production numbers are also no guarantee, because we’ve all met clueless agents connected to a feeding tube of clients who, despite the agent’s inherent inabilities to manage a real estate transaction, miraculously close sales on the same bell curve as those selling 2 or 3 homes a year.

When a mistrusting seller proudly proclaims to his agent that the seller has a friend in the real estate business, that generally means trouble. Especially if that friend lives in some other part of the country and is handing out contrary advice not pertinent to Sacramento real estate. One can’t just respond: put a sock in it because they don’t really understand the source of that advice, only that they trust that person and they don’t know their agent, must less trust that individual.

When I hear stuff like that, it makes me want to ask if they’d like to take my husband’s 13-inch TV off our hands.

If you need real estate advice, take it from an experienced real estate agent selling a decent volume of real estate and who works every single day in the business in your area. Choose an agent with 5-star reviews and ecstatic clients. If you need help with Sacramento Real Estate, call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916.233.6759. I answer my cell.

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